What Specials Would You Create?

I sometimes find myself wondering what new ideas they’ll come up with for specials. We have the basic categories of specials which are offered alone or in combination- damage to 1, 3, or 5 heroes, add/cut mana or mana generation, debuffer, dispeller, counterattacker, damage increase, defense increase/decrease, and healer. Some HOTMs and event heroes have offered a few more things- raising the dead, undispellable damage, silencer, and attacking your own team. I’m sure I’m missing some, but that’s not the point.

Instead, I wonder what else would be great to see in a special for a new hero? A few ideas:

  • Tornado/board rearrangement
  • Randomly shuffle the order of the other team (that would be really fun in raids!)
  • Reflect all the aspects of a special onto the other team (not just the attack like with riposte)
  • A “third eye”- make a team unblindable

What other ideas do people have?


Steal buffs—all buffs from foe are removed and transferred to corresponding (positional) heroes.

Drain mana—like Morgan for health, transfer mana from target to caster for duration


Really liking the Steal Buffs idea!

What about a hero swap - like steal a hero that is about to use his special so you can use it then return the heros to original team

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