What songs do you listen to while playing E&P?

yep, that’s the question on the table. What music/artist/song/genre do you listen to while playing E&P? or do you?

The “Return to Morlovia” seasonal event soundtrack. All year long. On a loop.


me personally, I don’t really. But when I do, I listen to a mix of country, Jerry Reed, and C.W McCall. And a few modern song my cuzin showed me. Like ride by Twenty-one pilots.


Country Club Disco. :rofl:



With over 350 albums, Big B has something for every mood.

YouTube - Telescape for some extraordinarily epic and eerie instrumental progressive metal

The unofficial E&P soundtrack!!

I play it in a quiet room with the sound turned off. Right now I’m listening to the rain and pondering the meaning of life :house_with_garden: :family_man_boy_boy: :pray: :heart:. It also greatly benefits my Titan scores because the background music makes me feel like I have to rush.


I listen to songs/remixes from other games while playing this game :rofl:

EDIT: also rock mostly

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Taylor Swift’s new album “Lover” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@JRJR60 I’m not sure how, but the llama in the penthouse has starting headbanging. I found the following in its recent search history:

Either it is acting out because it misses you or it could just be @Bruno82 ’ s influence. Don’t be a stranger! J dot Arisugawa to the G of Mail.


I admit I talk a lot with the llama (and the little vicuña, because the guanaco gets along with the Peruvian flute boys), but the llama really misses JB and JR and JLB.


Motorhead’s version of Sympathy for the Devil is my raid anthem.


I will keep in touch. I loves the alliance, just let me know when things settle down and I’ll be back. FYI, it has to be Bruno’s influence:))


I have been listening to “Tones and I” while autofarming on repeat :smiley:

I usually listen to Juice Wrld songs. He was a great rapper but unfortunately left us too early. I used to have his special 999 abstract cap when this song was released. He made his name in such a short span of time in the rap industry. Here is my favourite song of him.

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