What Skill & Abilities would you like to see implemented?

In light of the upcoming HotMs. What skills and abilities would you give HotMs if you were part of the hero design team?

A red sniper would be nice.


Do random shuffle 5 /5 tiles, or change 4 tiles to the color of the caster. that would be nice…

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Maybe you’d enjoy this thread.


I hear a lot of people complaining about the game itself growing stale so I’d like to see some hero skills that affect the meta of the match-3 itself. I like the direction they went with the enchanted tiles, but I’m thinking a little more than that. Hard to envision without being game breaking, but something like a skill randomly clears a group of tiles, or changes some random tiles into the element that the tile would be weak or strong against. Could open up some interesting possibilities with chameleon. Maybe a hero that on defense would target a dragon or diamond tile and turn it back to a regular one. Maybe these skills are more suited strictly to enemies in the campaign (or for something new for titans) but this is something I’d like to see played around with.

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