What should Me do next?

Hi guys, I need your advices for what should I do next. :grin: Here are my heroes:


So should I do 5 x 3heroes from every colour then start a team 4? What should i actually use as my def team and what u guys think about my future 4* def team, who’s in? Is Priska even with costume usable or fodder? And do I need Berden or By Ulf? Bcs I dont want to max them both actually :hugs: Ahhh and what about Stonecleave? Thanks Bros :grin:

Hello @Birusek how about your ascension mats? Do you have already enough to max your first 4*? you are doing pretty well! i recommend you that after you finish with Mneseus, hawkmoon and ulmer , do the followings 4*


Another option


Good luck!

other good heroes you have there . Brynhild (rogue and fast green healer) c.Kash(better than normal one). Melendor , good green healer
Colen is good at your level, great tile damage , good for quests and events and in gold for raiding.
However i personally would ponderer scarlett and gormek for his def down.

I forgot to tell you. That its a good idea to keep working on those 3* from the color you dont have enough mats to max a 4*. For example if you dont have 5 compasses or 5 Gloves or you dont have lets say enough orbs you can mix some 4* you can max with some 3* star heroes.

This is called on color feeding. You work on a rainbow team and feed your heroes depending the color of the heroes and the color of the feeders.(matching color to color) . This way is more efficient, but takes longer than feeding all to a single hero


Great job on maxing 3* heroes, they will help you grow. When I was at that level, healers and rispote heroes were most helpful. I’d shoot for Melendor and Boril if you have the MATs for them. Keep growing!

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As always, @Lexxtarc gave good advice, (@Chadmo too :grinning:), nothing to really add there.

To answer some of your questions:

Guvnor has a great thread about costumes which I’ve found very useful. Costumes... Whats the Point? Which is Better? He ultimately finds prisca’s costume pretty useless. If you were seriously lacking on dark 3s, I might be inclined to hold on to it, but you’ve got much better options, so I think it’s safe to feed her away.

Stonecleave isn’t terrible, but I’d definitely work on Sabina ahead of him (And probably any other dark 4 besides Boomer) She’s going to bring more utility to your roster (plus she’s one of very few decent sorcerer candidates).

Personally I have both Berden and By-Ulf maxed, they are different enough and are useful in tourneys and events. The upcoming Knights of Avalon reflects blue, IF you could realistically max one of them before it starts next week (July 9th) it might be worth doing before a 4 (especially if you don’t have 4 shields yet). With the costume Berden is essentially a green Valen. If you like Valen, then Berden is a good choice. By-Ulf is good for buff booster tournaments (like the one going on now).

As far as your best defense, I wouldn’t worry so much about that. You want your first 4s to be versatile so they’re useful in many areas of the game (maps/quests/events/raids) slanted a bit more towards offense (or wherever your focus is). A lot of heroes can tank in a pinch (I remember Grimm tanks used to be scary) and I think you’ll get more enjoyment focusing on heroes that help you win your offensive raids than those that successfully defend your watchtower.

Oh, forgot one. As thewizard said, if you have the mats for 4s, I think it’s safe to move onto some now, but if wars are a priority for you, you could decide to take one more team of 3s up to have more war ready heroes.


Seeing the heroes, I reckon that the player is still new to the game. You don’t need to concern yourself with war defense, war scores, titan heroes and hits, raid attacks and defenses. The best advise I can give you is to enjoy every facet in the game. Be active. Level your heroes (max 3-5 teams of 3 star heroes of various colors until you have the necessary ascension materials for your 4 star ones) and troops. Max your structures. Join a good training alliance that has members as active as you and inquire from them. Read this forum and learn from its library of information on this game. Just have fun while it’s still early. Once you are in the mid game already, frustrations start to boil. But you’ll be able to persist if you have the patience. And one last thing, this game is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. Hope you have a good gaming experience. Some of the players don’t.

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Thank guys alot! I know its not a sprint game, Im having fun atm with guild etc. :grin: I just needded some advices and thanks for those :green_heart: And one more question, TheWizard u saying that i should do the 4*heroes and which one, can u tell me why u pick those one? Im in love with tanks tbh and Khas especially. So Im wondering bcs i though he’s good. Just asking :yum: