What should I work on for my next red project?

Current red deck:

Azlar 1/1

Boldtusk+8, costume at 4/38 so will finish in a day or two
Colen 1/20

Hawkmoon + max costume
Namahage 3/50
Bauchan 3/50
Ei-dunn 3/50
Azar 1/12 (before I knew any better lol)

Unleveled heroes/dupes:
Sumle x2
Sumitomo x3
Boldtusk x3
Colen x2
Kelile x2
Scarlett x2

Namahage x2
Ei-dunn x2

Mats: 6 blades, 2 rings


I seem to lack good 4* red snipers, Scarlett is the closest thing to it but for all her high attack stat her special doesn’t hit that hard, although I do enjoy using her quite a lot. So figured I should maybe level Kelile if just to have more diversity, but she seems to have a so-so reputation around here.

Utility hero wise a second Wilbur or Boldtusk is always nice (especially for war), although I feel atm it’s not a pressing need.

Additional Q: should I feed away the dupes and only keep one copy of each except Boldtusk, Wilbur, and Scarlett? Could see a use for a second of each of the three, but keeping a third seems excessive.

Colen would probably be my vote. He’s really great at burning & killing everything off on offence. He’s not a defending hero by any means BUT he will definitely hit hard in offence. He also pairs really well with Boldtusk & Wilbur who you have fully levelled already.

Personally I say no, unless you need the additional roster space. Hero Academy should be coming out to Beta before the end of the financial year (I expect) & with it will come a way of turning duplicate 4* into something else.

Ha if the Alchemy Lab is anything to go by, Hero Academy will be a massive letdown, so I’m honestly not expecting anything out of it.

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Boy do I hope that turns out to be true…though I’ve been eating more and more 4* to make space.


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