What should I spent my 3000 diamonds on?

I honestly think I have the worst pulls from all 1M active players

I would recommend the Clash of Knights portal, if you are no collector.

Bertulf(3*), Franz and Ferant (4*) can be gamechangers and all the 5* are great. Yes you have lots of S1, but is a dawa worse than Polly or Gnomer?

There is a point in the game where you need powerful 5* to progress, and the knights are among the best.

I did a 10 pull last CoK and only got 2 Bertulfs, but they served me well, better than Phoenicus or Guardian Lemur, so it was ok.
Hopefully next time Franz or a 5 * shows…

Happy gaming


Thanks, that’s a bummer though.
Too bad I didn’t have 3000 yet when this summon portal with ALL heroes except S1 was available :wink:

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Lol @Dyna49 somebody’s sarcasm meter is broken :joy: I guess it won’t work to ask again eh :joy:


Won’t have to ask. We’ll be told again…many times :joy:

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And maybe some asc mats!

5* heroes are useless at 1:1

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