What should I spent my 3000 diamonds on?

I should have said no 5 star revivers - I do have Gramps :wink:

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4 star reviver then. Anton it is. :wink:

Event heroes are better in general as compared to season heroes.

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I can’t even begin to tell you how many times Anton has saved my team… such a reliable reviver!! Though, if I had Nadezdha I would of course be happy to have his 5* counterpart… Really just echoes my sentiment to save up for the next Tower of Magic pulls huh! :wink:

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Tough choice given the odds. I would be tempted to save for a 30 summon somewhere. But there is no guarantee. Taking the amount of time it takes to gather that many Diamonds into consideration, it’s so frustrating to walk away with nothing at all.

There is also the risk of getting one of those five stars which are so terrible that they just serve as food in Soul Exchange. But no amount of summons can shelter us from that. :confused:

Best of luck :four_leaf_clover:


I am at point where I would be happy even with s1 5* every 100 pulls. I can’t even get those

Avatars, pins and backgrounds!

Seriously, a 10x summons in a good gate (if inflation hasn’t stopped one from doing this) would be recommended. Alternatively, if your troops are not good (say mostly 2* and 3*) but you are fairly leveled (say 45+) you may consider chasing for some 4* (mana) troops.

The question was which portal, but yeah I didn’t mention it, nor my level. It’s 70, got troops at 21 (although not all of them are mana ones) and have mana troops available for leveling
Still, thank you! :slight_smile:

It really depends on your luck. Something that dropped a legendary was worth it. Something that just dropped 3* was not. No way to know till you do it and roll the dice.

I know I won’t get anything in hundreds of pulls so it does not matter which portal I waste my gems on

Depends. I did get Gravemaker from a single pull. Also gotten garbage from 10x pull.

How would you feel if you pulled 3000 gem worth of 3* and 4* ?

Common belief is that a 10 pull gives you a 12.5% chance of getting a 5star. That’s 1 in 8. Don’t expect it to happen, but be pleased if it does.

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I’m planning on doing a 10-pull at Atlantis. The dream would be to get Oceanus, but I’d be happy with a couple of the 4* costumes.

What Jack said… For me Black Sunday & Solstice are the best value…

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Please remember you might walk away very dissapointed too. My last two 10 x summons gave me nothing I could use at all. :broken_heart: But sending lots of good luck your way :four_leaf_clover:


Dear All, I’m really not getting my hopes all that high. That’s why I want to choose the best event, probably one where S1 heroes aren’t included - not sure if this is the case for upcoming Clash of Knights?
Anyway… patience


Best of luck to you no matter which portal you choose.

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Clash of Knights does have S1 heroes included, unfortunately

If I am correct, the portals without S1 heroes are Challenge Festival 2 (planned, still being tested in Beta), the recent Challenge Festival I . and last year/earlier this year we had Black Friday and the Solstice summons, so likely there will be an upcoming Black Friday this year again


The same way I feel now because getting those is my thing in this game

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Please, tell us one more time how bad your pulls are. I don’t think you’ve told us enough. :joy: