What should I spent my 3000 diamonds on?

I’m torn between Season 5 and some event heroes (knights, gargoyles)
my roster has many holes, I’m missing a reviver, good summoner, fiend caster, summons remover and what not
where should I waste them?


So that’s about 10 pulls…and if your luck is anything like us ordinary folk, ‘waste’ is the right word :crazy_face:

But you could look at the upcoming challenge event… No S1 heroes…so at least you get relatively valuable waste :smiley:


I’m currently holding out for the next challenge festival (v1) with Black Knight, Guardian Panther, and Rumplestiltskin… but, you may also prefer to hold out until Challenge Festival v2. I would definitely say to go for those if you want the most “chances” for a good pull.

Saying that, it sounds like many of the holes you describe could be filled with some good Tower of Magic heroes, if you’re willing to wait another 2 months

I second that. Both of them will not have S1 heroes included so it is a great place to summon new heroes.
If you want rare and epic heroes too (not only legendary ones) heroes from old challenges you can get from HA5 and HA8, so for me it’s better to use gems in Challenge Festival II that will be probably in August.

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Clash of Knights is still the best portal as far I’m concerned.

But it’s roster dependent. That has good 3* & 4* as well so definitely the best chance at something decent


Summoning odds:
Rare Classic Hero: 47.3%
Epic Classic Hero: 18.5%
Legendary Classic Hero: 1.3%

Rare Event Hero: 23.7%
Epic Event Hero: 8%
Legendary Event Hero 1.2%

Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

Challenge Festival I

Rare Event Hero: 71%
Epic Event Hero: 26.5%
Legendary Event Hero (non Featured): 1.5%
Legendary Featured Event Hero: 1.0%

  • Costume is included if available

Legendary Hero of the Month: 1.3%

So for me still a better chance to summon something new gives CF.
But that’s my personal opinion.

I spent 3000 gems 2 months ago or so in CoK and got Bertulf and 2 Aderyns only. No Ferant, Franz or Wren for me. :frowning:


I mean ultimately the odds of a good 5* are low in every portal. But you have to assume you will get lucky at some point and as such it’s a game of “what heroes would I like the most”

I have a pretty crazy roster all things considered so to me it’s only about where I think I’ll get improvement heroes. So far in S5 there’s hadn’t really been anything I’d consider as a big improvement so it’s not worth me going at. Whereas all bar Esma from CoK would add something to my roster so that’s become the portal of choice for me. Plus as it’s 2 monthly rotation it’s still relatively rare.

s5 heroes seems craps to this day, maybe u should try another portal other than s5 for this time being.

gargoyle and CoK seems good

Thanks for your insight everyone, appreciate it! Depending on my mood, I’ll probably pull during next weeks CoK, or wait altogether for next month as the HOTM is not that enticing to me (got Kage, Khonshu, Sartana +20)
Edit: Just read up on it and next week we have the Challenge Fest, so probably a no go for me

Completely agree with this - personally I give greater weight to 3* and 4* in the portal as they are more likely to be summoned. 5*s would be a tie-breaker if two portals look equally good

Definitely not bad heroes and the 2 Purple 5* in S5 are both high quality. Sobek is a great Average Blue hit all. El Nad is a great Green hit 3. So it’s not a bad portal at all.

It’s just very roster dependent now for me. I have heroes that do all of the above as well already. So none of them really improve my teams.

But I have a lot of 5* so that’s a 1st world problem


I’ll have to disagree here. I’ve picked up Khonshu x2. Maxed one, fully emblemed/LBed. He’s an absolute beast. Will work on the 2nd one. The new purple is solid as well as are Horus, El Na, and Sobek. Khufu also hits like a mad truck if he goes off making him crazy good for at least VF wars/tourneys.


@Cheds @Dyna49 hmmm maybe because i’m comparing s5 to s4 where s4 heroes got many unique interesting skills

S4 is arguable better for sure but that’s also because all the heroes are out. As an alliance friend pointed out, Hulda came right at the end. Octros and Xnol weren’t in the opening few portals either.

So S5 will get some beasts too in time as it fills out


Agreed with your disagreement :stuck_out_tongue:

S5 heroes are not bad at all, especially with their high chance of the passive activating. Sobek is a great AoE hitter, Khonshu is a great mana-refreshing sniper at Very Fast, Horus is a real pain if you don’t have an Overhealer, and Khepri by himself may not seem amazing but in combination with other Fiend creators he works really well, especially with Hannah on attacks, and then you have El Naddaha who is IMO better than Quenell.

Sure you have Papyros and Khufu, but we can play that same game with the previous seasons. cough cough Russula cough cough… although I actually like Russula for some strange reason… :laughing:


Yea. Just a perception, I think. We’ve still got a long way to go before all S5 heroes are out, but if you compare the heroes released in S5 so far to those from S4, it’s about the same, if not better. The passive on Khonshu, moon family, has a 40% chance to drop mana gain by 24% for 3 turns. At very fast, that’s awesome and it noticeably makes a huge difference. But yea, still a long time to go.


Come on now :joy:. I actually have her maxed/fully emblemed. She’s actually really good if her special is timed appropriately and has very solid stats. I like using her against teams that have fast heroes cuz her special just obliterates them over a couple of turns lol

Highest chance to get anything would be S4 gramps. 3 stars that still works as a reviver especially during rush.

Continue to save gems and go big at Black Friday


spend the diamonds on troops: the only summons where you aren’t deceived and the only summons where what you get isn’t outdated a few months later