What should I max Khagan or Reuben?

I have two Reuben and two Khagan. My questions are:

  1. Should I keep double for both of them?
  2. What should I max first? Khagan or Reuben?

Appreciate your suggestions and help!

Who are your heroes? Other options? Ascension mats? Without these information, I suggest leveling another Boldtusk.

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Reuben attack exact the same weak as scarlett.

U might hold ur rings unless u have it in abundance

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For Red heroes, I have:
1 maxed hawkmoon, 1 not maxed hawkmoon,
1 not maxed Natalya, Boldtusk, Scarlett, Gormek, Nashgar, Kelile, Azar, Rudolph, Jahangir, Sudri and namahage

Would you please suggest the heroes that I should max first?

Thanks a lot!

Boldtusk first if you have the materials, but it sounds to me as though 3* heroes might benefit you more at the moment

Rudolph and Namahage are good choices if that is the case. Unless you have at least 3 fully trained 3* rainbow teams, I would get there first. Then at least two four star rainbows before worrying about 5* heroes


I suggest you get these three : Natalya, Reuben and Khagan to 3/70, play around with them first then decide.

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Thank you all for your good suggestions. These helped me a lot!

Boldtusk is the best hero you have here, given general utility and cost to level up.

I’d focus on the 4* heroes: Boldtusk, Scarlett, Gormek. You can level up the 3* heroes easily as you go as well when you lack needed materials to finish the 4* to maximum level.

Congrats on getting HOTM!

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As others mentioned, max your 4s if you haven’t done so already.

Neither Khagan nor Reuben, and not even Natalya sadly are strong red heroes that you’d max without hesitation. Out of these, I’d lean towards Reuben the most - but best what you can do is just hold on to these rings and wait patiently. Even if a classic Marjana appears, I would max her over these 3. Once you have two sets of rings and still noone better to max, then you could consider maxing one of these (as others said, playing around them on 3.70 could help deciding… but I’d recommend Reuben; fast, direct attack to 3 and resist Telluria’s mana gen ailment are good perks, even though the damage is mediocre and his buff pretty situational).

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@bip, I didn’t know that you were this too early in the game that I just spew out Boldtusk the one you need to level. But, as @Infinite have reiterated:

Boldtusk is one of the very few Season 1 four star heroes that is still very much used even after 3 years, especially more so if you have his costume. When highly emblemed, his defense stat is off the charts for a 4* hero that some legendary, if not a significant number of them, wish they have that stat. I have Ares and Grazul maxed but they are not in my first and main monored team. But Boldtusk+18 with maxed costume bonus is.

After Boldie, you may level Kelile or Scarlett or Gormek, place them to 3/60 and play with them for a bit until you decide which of the 3 suits your playstyle and that would be the next 4 star red you would have to ascend. If strapped with hidden blades or fine gloves or compass, go back to leveling your 3 star reds like Rodulph and Namahage.


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