What should i levle next for my purple teams?

ok i just finaly maxed out my first purple to levle 70 sabina,
what should i max out next for purple.
im working on wu for yellow and gormek and zim kitty for red
for blue im working on magna king arth and sonya green is zeline and evelyn i use 10 feeders of the same colour when feeding my troops,
my purple options are
number of heros current level current ascen

sargasso 1 49 2
obakan 1 36 1
ameonna 1 23 1
rigard 3 18 1
cyprian 1 11 1
sabina 3 1 1
tiburthus 3 two are at 1,1 one is 4 2
tyrum 1 22 1
chochin 1 22 1
balthazzar 2 22 1
renfield 1 10 1
gill ra 1
priscia 1

im thinking for war and for titans and quests,
im thinking obaken

Obakan isn’t worth the materials. Finish Tiburtus to 4/70, then start Rigard


If you need depth for war, Tyrum, Balthazar, Gill ra and Chochin are worth leveling. Prisca and Renfeld are fodder.

It looks like you have lots of heroes partly leveled. Focus. Work on one of each color at a time.


thank you so much for you help, i can get all the end starts so know the diffence thanks soooo much for your imput

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