What should I focus on?

Recently i got a bunch of 3 stars heroes and a few 4 stars heroes. Should i still focus on 3 stars? Also, i have no 3 stars reds yet (RIP).

Ty in advance

It would be wise for you to start maxing 4-6 rainbow teams of 3 star heroes before you start working on your 4 star heroes (you can find several threads which 3 star heroes to keep singly or in dupes and which of them are to be used as feeders). Those maxed 3 star ones are going to help you get rare and epic ascension items for your 4 star heroes.


yup… good advice from @Ultra.

this is a long term games… be patient and focus on uour 3* heroes.


I have 42 of 3* Maxed. 8 of 42 are 3* costume max.

I had to stop chasing 4-5* leveling and search for ascension materials during my 2nd week of playing (This was 27 months ago), because I could not even finish 3* challenges or anything while I also could not get 4-5* heroes to work…

I worked around 3* heroes for about 2 full months until I had decent army of 3* to complete the challenges and collecting ascension material from challenge completions…

Now you can see how important 3* is, now even more since no. of 3* activities are increasing everywhere: monthly challenge, seasonal event, tournament.

Believe me, you will not regret building an army of 3*

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Rn i am having trouble getting 3 star red heroes lol. Should i focus on 2 star red heroes atm?

A big no. All you need to do is be patient. They will come. In bundles.

I miss the days when I yearn to have better heroes. Once I got them, a different problem arises: food for leveling and ascending, and ascension materials. Once you have maxed them, another problem arises: should such hero be emblemed or not, and if emblemed, lack of food, iron and emblems arise. This is a game where we are the ones creating our very own problems. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Lol. Are there any heroes worth embleming (talent grid?)? And are emblems better spend on 4* heroes?

Try Fire element summon, you will get lots of 3* fire heroes.

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Emblems to 3* are fair enough, along the way when you have good 4* heroes, you can retrieve them and put to 4* and later on to 5*

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Dont spend your gems on elemental summoning, you can get your 3* fire red running your training camp at lvl 13.(4* too if u are lucky)
And then at lvl 20 you will see tons of 3* , regularly 4* stars and ocasionaly 5*.

Keep your gems to use in Atlantis, C.portal and Valhalla