What should I do with my Yellows and Purples?

I did my biggest batch of Valhalla pulls ever (70), and I didn’t get Thor. I did some pulls a while back trying for Odin, and didn’t get him, either. As you’ll see below, I only have a couple of Yellow options to work on, and since I used up my whole stockpile of gems trying for Thor, I don’t anticipate doing any big pulls in the coming months.

So it’s time to evaluate what I have, and see if I want to work with them! Not just in Yellow, but also in Purple. For all the other colors, I’m good and I have a plan. For these, I’m uncertain, and I’d appreciate any input!

YELLOW: I have 8 Poison Darts right now.
My maxed Yellow 5-STARS: Malosi+17, Joon+19, Vivica+Costume, Ranvir
My maxed Yellow 4-STARS: Gullinbursti+19, 3x G.Jackal (+18, +9, +8); and without emblems, I have 2x Li Xiu+Costumes, 2x Mist, Hu Tao, Gretel

YELLOW OPTIONS: 3-70 Norns, or 1-1 Leonidas. With my other lineup of Yellow, I don’t even feel like Leo is worth leveling at all… I prefer Fast speed or better heroes, and Leo just seems disappointingly slow. Norns doesn’t seem worth ascending to me either, she just doesn’t seem to be all that useful. Anyone think it’s worth convincing me on either of these? (Keep in mind, I have literally NOTHING else to work on in Yellow… not even 3-star or 4-star, so all my Yellow feeders have been going off-color - currently to Glenda.)

PURPLE: I have 2 Royal Tabards right now, having just recently ascended Clarissa.
My maxed Purple 5-STARS: Ursena+20, Clarissa+14, Seshat+18, Kage+1, Kunchen
My maxed Purple 4-STARS: Jabbar+18, 2x Costume Rigard+19, 4x Proteus+19… yeah, silly, but it rocks for wars. :wink: Unemblemed Cyprian, Tibs+Costume, Cheshire Cat, Ametrine (love her!), Stonecleave, Gafar, Sabina

PURPLE OPTIONS: sitting at 3-70, I have TWO duplicates of Clarissa, plus Sartana and Obakan. I also have Zulag at 1-1.

I feel like Sartana would be pointless since I already have Seshat and Kage. Maybe if I got her costume, it’d changed things, but just plain ol’ Sartana doesn’t seem like she’d add much to the party at this point. The only plus to Sartana is that I have 400-some Wizard emblems… but those may go to Glenda if I choose her over Fenrir. :wink:

And what about Zulag? Is she worth leveling? She just seems underwhelming to me, but maybe I’m missing the point about her.

Well… I didn’t mention Domitia+Costume because she’s sitting at 1-1 and waiting to go into the Hero Academy grinder. I looked her over, and she didn’t seem to have any benefits over Seshat, even with maxed costume bonuses and such… the Average speed just doesn’t interest me. But hey, maybe if someone really does some convincing, my mind could change on Domitia.

At least in Purple (unlike Yellow), I have a couple other minor projects - maxing out Fura and Stonecleave. :slight_smile: So at least I’m able to do on-color feeding here!

Good gaming!

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