What should I be strengthening for raids?

As to an empty space, you have to create that by focusing your attacks on one hero at a time

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Each color is strong against one color, weak against one, and neutral against the others. Purple and yellow are strong against each other and weak against themselves. Green is strong against blue and weak against red. Red is strong against green and weak to blue. Blue is strong against red and weak to green.

Tiles and special attacks do half damage against colors that are strong against them, and double damage against the weak color.

Where this gets interesting is when you double colors. Tile damage is based on the attack stat of that color hero. When you stack colors, the attack stats of the two are added together, effectively doubling your tile damage.

So, say your opponent has a purple tank. Your tiles will do damage as follows:

Rainbow attacking team
Yellow: 2x
Purple: 0.5x
Red: 1x
Green: 1x
Blue: 1x

Double strong color and leave out weak
Yellow: 4x
Purple: 1 point (No hero)
Red, green, blue: 1x

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@NPNKY, thanks – I knew about the effect of colors against each other, but not about stacking my team accordingly. I’m gonna have to seriously work on leveling up my ‘B team’ to make suitable replacements.

These are things your alliance leaders and elders should have explained to you

There are several possible things at work here, that may be going against you. So I’ll go ahead and point out some stuff other’s haven’t mentioned yet.

Picking the right opponents
Don’t look at other player’s levels, don’t look at their cups, just look at their team strength. If their team strength is less than yours, you generally stand a fighting chance. If their team strength is over 200 less than yours, that means easy pickings.

Avoiding certain heroes
If your opponent has Alberich, Hel or Ares, skip them for now. Skip Guinevere too. Those 4 are the most feared opponents in raids. Someday you’ll be ready to face them, but today is not that day. Trust me on that.

Get a balanced team for your raids
All heroes have different roles. You need a matching synergy of roles for best success:

  • Tank: takes central position, soaks up damage
  • Sniper: fast heavy damage special on 1 target. Use these to finish off an opponent’s hero
  • Healer: vital role: the healer heals up your team! I prefer using 2 healers. Some make do with just 1.
  • Buffer: the buffer buffs your team’s damage output. Brienne, Boldtusk, Kiril are nice buffers. Good to have on your team.
  • Debuffer: the debuffer weakens the opponent’s defences. Ulmer/Grimm/Gormek/Tiburtus are nice debuffers. Good to have on your team
    Combining specials works very well: first buff, then debuff, then deliver a killing blow. Sometimes it’s worth delaying a special just for that.

It’s about the tiles, first and foremost
You’re focussing on the specials. You should be focussing more on what comes first: the tiles. No tiles means no mana. Too little tiles means too little mana. Look for combo’s that set off 6 tiles or more. Provoke diamonds, and learn to recognize the patterns to get those. This is also where you punch that first hole in the opponent’s team so you can ghost.

Ghost cleverly
A tile that hits no opponent gives you double mana. So once you’ve got a hole in the opponent’s team, check your board of tiles to see if you can quickstart a special by ghosting. Checking out youtube video’s of veteran players doing this might be useful? There’s actually loads of video’s on 7DD’s site: http://7ddgaming.com/videos/ Just check one out and stop it before every new tile swipe. See if they pick the same tile as you would have, and if not, why?

Paying or not, this game is designed for sloooow progress. And it does not get better later in game - you’d not believe how slow maxing a 5-star hero is! So you have reached an inevitable point indeed, but it’s the point where you’ll have to get used to dieseling, that’s what it is. Take it slow but persevere, that’s the road to getting anywhere.


Hi @DannyLinguini

Try the dictionary below to help with some of the jargon :blush:

And you don’t have to pay if you’re happy to wait a little and work the system.



I briefly mentioned this above but it is worth repeating…when leveling heroes, the most efficient way to do so is to pick one hero from each color and concentrate on them exclusively. It is FAR better to max a single 3*, for example, than to work on two or more heroes of the same color. When you are done with Valen, for example, THEN start on Ulmer (or whoever). Another thing, don’t level up any hero below a 3*…Ive seen others mention raid strategy (doubling strong color, etc) and while these are certainly worthwhile things to learn, it sounds like many of these things will be more useful to you once you have a larger selection of maxed heroes to choose from. Another poster mentioned joining an alliance that could help you and give advice on such things and this is a very good idea…If you have any more specific questions, I would be glad to try and answer. Have a swell day :slightly_smiling_face:


@badassninjadad, this is exactly what I’ve been doing – leveling up one of each color. I actually have three maxed, one on its last ascend, and one 4* waiting for a couple of ascend items. Now I’m working on leveling the second team. Once I get those up close to the main team’s levels, I’ll play more of the mix-and-match game with raids.

Lots of great and very helpful info here from everyone – thanks much. Just changing attack strategy in raids has improved my win rate quite a bit. I’m not beating everything, but I’m not getting destroyed by everything any more, either.

As for balancing out my team with complimentary abilities, that’s gonna be a long-term process. I’ve got 8 3* heroes, one 2* and one 4* that I’m working on, and new 3*'s seem increasingly rare the more I progress, never mind 3*'s with specific abilities that I need. So I can see that’s going to take some time. But with all this helpful info, the game has taken a positive turn; I can deal with the slow progression as long as there are ways to keep having fun with it in the process.

Yeah, my alliance – very uncommunicative. They don’t talk much. Like, if it weren’t for system messages, the chat box would be all cobwebs. Even the spiders would have left out of sheer boredom. They’re there, because somebody else is putting dents in the dragons while I’m reloading. But conversation seems like a foreign concept to them.

Sounds like you need a better alliance

@npnky, probably. I’m still pretty new to the game (as if that wasn’t obvious to any semi-literate forumite), and it’s my first alliance. They all seem to be noobs too, with much lower level heroes than me, and doing about half of my damage against titans. But they are getting new members every few days, and they are active enough against titans that only two of the last 10 or so have escaped. So I’ll give it some time before I think about bailing on 'em.

Danny, do you have anyone experienced to guide you and the others?

Loyalty to an alliance is admirable, but your loyalty should be earned. Believe me when I say that an active alliance that helps teach you is as important as a good set of heroes for new players.

There are a lot of great teaching alliances. Find one that you mesh with and never look back.

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Hi. I’m only a fairly new player of around 2 months and purchased a yearly VIP about 2 weeks ago (provides daily increase of 30 gems plus a couple of other things) but don’t expect to spend any more doe for a while, I’m only at level 16 atm and on stronghold 11 just about go to 12 and hover around 500 to 600 cups.
I’ve enjoyed thus far and learnt quiteva bit reading these forum posts. I see a lot of complaints about players being disappointed because thier not moving up ranks at a faster speed.

I like to say these people that this way of thinking is no different to real life where you get an apprentice with no skills who expects to be paid top dollars from the start. This is just a game to be enjoyed and not a competition to get to the top. It’s about trying and finding different ways to better your own skills with what your given and chose your battles wisely instead of trying to beat those with experience.
I already have 3 x 4* heros which I’m now working on building up and these where gotten by through spending 300 gems at a time when I have them and a couple through other means (can’t remember how right now) but my point is that you can achieve good things uf your smart about the way you do things and concentrate on your own game rather than worring about how far ahead others are and trying to catch up to them.
I found replaying already completed levels not omly quickly increased my materials but help me better my fighting skills as I found that no 2 replayed matches are the same. I remember only a couple of weeks ago having as many as my 2 training grounds with about 50/60 loaded heros in training and my recruits maxed out aldo at around 60+ and couldn’t level up my heros fast enough to make room.
I mostly concentrate on upgrading only 1 of my 2 craft to the max and same with my training grounds which i have 3 of with only one maxed and only upgrade the others when I find time between levels. I concentrate most of my resources on upgrading food & iron storages to keep with high amounts asked for everything but I plan every upgrade carefully mostly concentrating only on food and iron buildings and upgrades as I found the rest will keep up accordingly during the games progression.

So what I don’t understand is when I read posts about players complaining that they have been playing for 4 or more months and/or spend heaps of dollars to try and get ahead faster than what the game is capable of allowing them. These people should sit back and take a breather and start thicking about what this is which is just a game to pass the time and not a competitive tournament of any kind and they find themselves happier for it.

Remember the apprentice who does get lucky to find some idiot to pay him more will find themselves without any respect and in many cases without a job sooner than later because nothing beats experience and learning from them. What you will find is the experienced ignoring you because all can do is whinge instead of learn.

So enjoy the game for what it is and be a better person for it.

Just like to add that I totally agree with a comment made above which stated that creating an empty space in battles and then using that empty to increase you heros power to continue fighting is my most used method for winning battles and I just like to add to that that I never complete (as much as I can control it and the allows me) a battle round without first loading upnall my heros power first this way I start the next round always fully charged and with an advantage over any opponent. Just a thought for food to hopefully help you along your troubled journey.

Hey, I started this thread not to complain because I’m not moving up fast enough, but for tips and strategies on how to be more competitive in raids – which I’ve received, thank you very much. Big difference. Because it was frustrating getting roasted by seemingly inferior teams game after game. And I do throw in a few $$$ here and there to support the devs in some small way, but I’m not dumping hundreds into a GAME. I’m perfectly content advancing as fast as the game will let me, or at my own pace, as long as the game is still fun to play. I am not going to get caught up in that must-advance-at-all-costs nonsense that I’ve seen far too much of in other games.

Sorry, but your sermon is a bit misplaced here.

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Hey I also thought of a great series of posts I read awhile back, written by @Blaaarggle_Blaa. I’m not sure how to link pages but it was called ‘raiding in the top 1000’…While this might not describe your current competitive level, there was some great information and all-around advice on raiding. If you have some free time to browse, perhaps take a gander.


Thanks for the shout out @badassninjadad

This may help @DannyLinguini Raiding in the top 1000

I ran into the same issue @DannyLinguini is hitting. The first part is 100% applicable to the “wall” you have hit. I feel it is the same wall I hit…



Part of my problem when I first posted my pseudo-mini-rant was that I was very thin on food supply and either didn’t have enough to re-roll or just didn’t want to blow what little I had. I now have a decent stash where chunks of 1200 are more easily expendable, so I can roll for more favorable matchups. I’m now winning most raids - thanks in no small part to advice I received here - except when I get a little adventurous and go after whoever pops up first regardless of their ranking, and among those endeavors I’m probably 50/50. My only issue now is that I run out of energy and have to wait until it replenishes to keep playing! :rofl:


So what do you do in world battles that are all (or mostly) purple or yellow? I’m looking at 16-4, which is all purple. If I stack my team with two or more yellows, sure they may be stronger attacking, but they’re also weakest defending. I haven’t been able to beat it yet with my highest ranked ‘balanced’ team (one of each color). And unfortunately my alternate yellows aren’t very high yet. This is where I think I may have hit a temporary ceiling with my team of one 4* and four 3*'s, or at least getting close.

With yellow or purple, I double a neutral color and leave out the weak color. So against all purple, I would replace my purple hero with blue, green, or red rather than yellow.

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