What should I be strengthening for raids?

I’m at level 20, and I can’t beat ANYTHING. Except for maybe players 3 or 4 levels below me, I’m getting thrashed by just about everything I get matched against. But of course I’m usually matched against players 3 or 4 levels above me. I just got creamed three raids in a row by level 19’s. I’ve got one 4* and the rest 3* in my main team. I’ve been focusing on leveling up heroes; my troops are all 3* and level 4, and food is just too short right now to push those any higher. As a result it takes me forever to complete the hero kill challenges. Is there something else I need to direct resources to, short of dumping $$$ on gems for summonses? Should I be working on leveling up troops instead?

Are you doubling up on strong colors against the tank? Are you focusing your attacks on one hero at a time until you kill them? Are you ghosting tiles to charge your mana without charging theirs? Are your heroes specials complementing each other?

While you should definitely work on leveling your troops overall as the bonuses are nice, you get much more ‘mileage’ leveling your heroes instead. Think of troops as icing on the cake, and focus on leveling one hero for each color and try to feed that color exclusively. Build up your heroes first, and use excess food for troops now and then.

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I have no idea what most of this means, other than focusing on one enemy at a time, which I do. My main team is one of each color. Little John does equal damage to every enemy, Karil does most damage to the target and some to nearby enemies, the rest do damage only to their target.

This is pretty much what I’m doing, after I got carried away when I first converted a Barracks. But three of my main heroes are maxed, Little John still has quite a way to go, Karil is just a few levels away from max. I’m leveling up a second 3* team in the mean time, just to do something with new heroes I acquire. Epic heroes are rarer than hen’s teeth, as are gems to try to get them. Seems like I’ve about reached that inevitable point where I’ll have to pay to advance any faster than a catatonic snail’s pace.

And how is it that in EVERY battle, enemies are all firing their special abilities at me, frequently killing me in one shot, before ANY of mine have enough mana to do anything? Even against lower level teams – more often than not I’ve lost most of my team before any of them are mana’d up enough to take a shot. Extremely frustrating.

FYI, a players level means nothing. Team strength and composition are what you are fighting. Raids are based on cups, 300 +/- your own I believe


@DannyLinguini Are you in an active alliance that can help you learn these things? If you aren’t, that should be your first step. That gives you access to a bunch of other players in the game who can give you advice, answer questions, cheer you on when things go well, and commiserate when they don’t.

Two alliances that I know of that welcome newer players and are willing to help are Magnificent Bastards (my own–shameless plug) and Granny’s Warriors

When raiding a good approach is to use two/three heroes of the strong color of the central tank you are attacking. (for a green hero, you will take boldtusk, gormek and another one for instance, for a yellow, tiburtus sartana and sabina…)
Then according to others heros in front of you (are they providing buff to their team, like boldtusk, kiril, or are they going to damage you like gormeck, tiburtus, zeline, horghall, morgan, gravemake…) you will prefer debuff heroes (caedmon, sonya, melendor sabina) to remove their buff or heroes to treat you (kiril when reducing attack / defense, boldtusk only for reduced attack but at same time improve yours, rigard for blindness and poison)
Tile ghosting is when you charge your hero power in a hole you got after killing some hero from other team. Your power charges twice faster in a hole and your enemi didn’t get any charge of its own power when doing this.

This is also true for AW. Following those rules could make really easy killing a 4000 team with a 3500 team.

Sorry folks, I’m at a loss here about the ‘central tank’ – I have no idea what that is. Good to know about ghosting – if I’m reading right, I’m guessing throwing tiles into empty space raises that color heroes mana faster? Except I have I lot of raids where there’s just no empty space. The tiles are just in totally unadvantageous alignment to get any critical hits before my heroes start dying.

As for aligning my team makeup against my opponent, I only have two heroes of each color, and there’s only one in the second set that I’d think about replacing anything in my main team with – everything else is just too weak right now. Should I be leveling up all 10 of them more evenly? Should I be working on getting more rare heroes than what I have?

@DannyLinguini A tank is a center hero with high defense and health, someone who can absorb lots of tile hits. For 3* heroes, Bane is a good tank.

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As to an empty space, you have to create that by focusing your attacks on one hero at a time

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Each color is strong against one color, weak against one, and neutral against the others. Purple and yellow are strong against each other and weak against themselves. Green is strong against blue and weak against red. Red is strong against green and weak to blue. Blue is strong against red and weak to green.

Tiles and special attacks do half damage against colors that are strong against them, and double damage against the weak color.

Where this gets interesting is when you double colors. Tile damage is based on the attack stat of that color hero. When you stack colors, the attack stats of the two are added together, effectively doubling your tile damage.

So, say your opponent has a purple tank. Your tiles will do damage as follows:

Rainbow attacking team
Yellow: 2x
Purple: 0.5x
Red: 1x
Green: 1x
Blue: 1x

Double strong color and leave out weak
Yellow: 4x
Purple: 1 point (No hero)
Red, green, blue: 1x

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@NPNKY, thanks – I knew about the effect of colors against each other, but not about stacking my team accordingly. I’m gonna have to seriously work on leveling up my ‘B team’ to make suitable replacements.

These are things your alliance leaders and elders should have explained to you

There are several possible things at work here, that may be going against you. So I’ll go ahead and point out some stuff other’s haven’t mentioned yet.

Picking the right opponents
Don’t look at other player’s levels, don’t look at their cups, just look at their team strength. If their team strength is less than yours, you generally stand a fighting chance. If their team strength is over 200 less than yours, that means easy pickings.

Avoiding certain heroes
If your opponent has Alberich, Hel or Ares, skip them for now. Skip Guinevere too. Those 4 are the most feared opponents in raids. Someday you’ll be ready to face them, but today is not that day. Trust me on that.

Get a balanced team for your raids
All heroes have different roles. You need a matching synergy of roles for best success:

  • Tank: takes central position, soaks up damage
  • Sniper: fast heavy damage special on 1 target. Use these to finish off an opponent’s hero
  • Healer: vital role: the healer heals up your team! I prefer using 2 healers. Some make do with just 1.
  • Buffer: the buffer buffs your team’s damage output. Brienne, Boldtusk, Kiril are nice buffers. Good to have on your team.
  • Debuffer: the debuffer weakens the opponent’s defences. Ulmer/Grimm/Gormek/Tiburtus are nice debuffers. Good to have on your team
    Combining specials works very well: first buff, then debuff, then deliver a killing blow. Sometimes it’s worth delaying a special just for that.

It’s about the tiles, first and foremost
You’re focussing on the specials. You should be focussing more on what comes first: the tiles. No tiles means no mana. Too little tiles means too little mana. Look for combo’s that set off 6 tiles or more. Provoke diamonds, and learn to recognize the patterns to get those. This is also where you punch that first hole in the opponent’s team so you can ghost.

Ghost cleverly
A tile that hits no opponent gives you double mana. So once you’ve got a hole in the opponent’s team, check your board of tiles to see if you can quickstart a special by ghosting. Checking out youtube video’s of veteran players doing this might be useful? There’s actually loads of video’s on 7DD’s site: http://7ddgaming.com/videos/ Just check one out and stop it before every new tile swipe. See if they pick the same tile as you would have, and if not, why?

Paying or not, this game is designed for sloooow progress. And it does not get better later in game - you’d not believe how slow maxing a 5-star hero is! So you have reached an inevitable point indeed, but it’s the point where you’ll have to get used to dieseling, that’s what it is. Take it slow but persevere, that’s the road to getting anywhere.


Hi @DannyLinguini

Try the dictionary below to help with some of the jargon :blush:

And you don’t have to pay if you’re happy to wait a little and work the system.



I briefly mentioned this above but it is worth repeating…when leveling heroes, the most efficient way to do so is to pick one hero from each color and concentrate on them exclusively. It is FAR better to max a single 3*, for example, than to work on two or more heroes of the same color. When you are done with Valen, for example, THEN start on Ulmer (or whoever). Another thing, don’t level up any hero below a 3*…Ive seen others mention raid strategy (doubling strong color, etc) and while these are certainly worthwhile things to learn, it sounds like many of these things will be more useful to you once you have a larger selection of maxed heroes to choose from. Another poster mentioned joining an alliance that could help you and give advice on such things and this is a very good idea…If you have any more specific questions, I would be glad to try and answer. Have a swell day :slightly_smiling_face:


@badassninjadad, this is exactly what I’ve been doing – leveling up one of each color. I actually have three maxed, one on its last ascend, and one 4* waiting for a couple of ascend items. Now I’m working on leveling the second team. Once I get those up close to the main team’s levels, I’ll play more of the mix-and-match game with raids.

Lots of great and very helpful info here from everyone – thanks much. Just changing attack strategy in raids has improved my win rate quite a bit. I’m not beating everything, but I’m not getting destroyed by everything any more, either.

As for balancing out my team with complimentary abilities, that’s gonna be a long-term process. I’ve got 8 3* heroes, one 2* and one 4* that I’m working on, and new 3*'s seem increasingly rare the more I progress, never mind 3*'s with specific abilities that I need. So I can see that’s going to take some time. But with all this helpful info, the game has taken a positive turn; I can deal with the slow progression as long as there are ways to keep having fun with it in the process.

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