What should be my next move

Been leveling heroes lately, don’t have mats for my 5 stars yet, what should be next hero I work on , probably for a good raid team line up

Guardian Falcon and Scarlett or Gormec

I would do Guardian Falcon then Seshat to 3-70.

Blue: Grimm
Red: Falcon
Green: Evelyn - take her to 3-70 so that her elemental debuff is useful for titans, then max Caedmon
Purple: Rigard (a must have healer)
Yellow: Melia looks like your best option. She is great for tournaments and will be maxed quickly. Max Chao afterwards.


Superb advice.Would recommend the same.

Blue: 3* Gato is really good.

@cain308: You got a really nice bench of 4*'s. Once you will be able to max your first 5*'s your possibilities in the game will go up.I’m exploring this right now.