What should be my goal attack/defense team?

Hey guys! Going to be one of THOSE people and ask for input on my roster and what hero combos to play. I’m a C2P player who has fun all around, not really looking to dominate one area. I will post my roster as a second comment below, but first a few notes.

I recently did the final ascention on Khiona because she’s my only 5* purple and I’ve still got a couple tabbards to spare. However, Rigard is such an amazing purple that I don’t want to replace him unless I have another good healer. I like playing with fast mana heroes, but also want a balanced team that covers all my bases. My current defense set up is Caed - Rigard - Kiril - Khiona - Joon. I’d like a strong attack team to be rainbow.

I have ascention items to fully ascend two red 5*, one blue 5*, and one green 5*. I am considering Santa as my new tank because of everything he brings to the table. I will probably leave Mitsuko at 3/70. She’s a little niche, even if fun to play. I do not have any 5* green or blue. Yes, I’m one of those people who don’t count Thorne. I’d like a Richard, so we’ll see.

Overall, I think I’ve looked at my roster too long and am getting cross eyed. I don’t mind getting ideas for a team comp I’ll need to grind up to speed- I just want opinions on what would work out well. Let know what you think, and thank you so much!!

I’ve hoarded ascention items, so I can take any 4* up to full ascention decently quick.

With Kiril and Zim, you replace Rigard and have your rainbow.

Hello @Cate. Consider reading this wiki page created by a few players when e&p first came out. Don’t hesitate to use two or three heroes of the same color, in a defense team, if you really like their special abilities. However, I recommend having each element represented in your attack team. After you’ve looked at the table for defense stats, select “Best Attack” in the navigation panel for some insight on creating an effective attack team. Good luck! Take care.


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