What should an emblem be worth?

I was resonding to @Dator’s thread about leaving if this new class thing turns in to a money grab, when I realized no one has posited what an emblem might be worth.

Any theories using cash or gems?

I can almost guarantee you will be seeing these in offers. Gonna be a repeat on atlantis. Everything else is purchaceable at one time or another.

Id say 1.99 for 200 gems +25/50 emblems on a epic offer.

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To be honest I dont feel there should be a price on them. We have paid our dues for our current heroes now they want us to spend more money to take them further. This class upgrade is really making me think twice about this game.

I understand SG has to make money but this was not the way to go.


I was in Anchors stream chat. The question was brought up a few times.Theyre gonna be purchaseable(ill bet my ascension mats on it) unless most main players rebel.

Emblems should not be available for purchase, @Dator. I could not agree more.

I’ve been pushing hard in beta to keep them out of the regular shop. If they want to offer them monthly around Atlantis time, as a moderate throw-in on an affordably-priced gem or token package (read: less than $10), that probably won’t break the game.

But offering them regularly for sale absolutely will.


The price does not have to be in money, I guess. The package deals that hit the screen every month can be valued by the gems in them, but I look at how badly do I want the then current HotM or the AM in the package. If a $30/3000 gem package also had 30 wizard emblems that would level Natalya’s whatever, I could be bought.

Then thatd be goving into the P2W route. Buying bits of strength.


It seems like they’re a bit caught between the hammer and the anvil. I can’t imagine Tpenn is the only person feeling burned out on buying 5* heroes. And it sounds like you (and others whom you run with) have a lot more appetite for buying new 5* than you do for buying to upgrade your current 5*. It will be interesting to see how they resolve this.

At least every hero will be more expensive than your girl-friend :wink:


Already committed to p2w, just not at thousands of dollars some paid. A year in and five 5* and eight 4* heroes maxed. I have the mats to almost double that, but I am looking for better than I now have.

The key is how much to spend for a hero. If the latest HotM is almost necessary, it is the emblems that could drive my buying decision. A hero like Aegir would be a pass on all but the lowest priced packs.

The emblems are similar to high class AM. They should be as rare as AM are…

Hopefully we won’t see them for sale outside of special gem offers. I’d rather not see them for sale at all. But there will have to be a happy medium. Just gotta figure out what that medium is.

I never liked mats being buyable. But a lot of players do. The tokens should be treated as mats.

If they want to put them in the shop, fine but put em in the “guaranteed to get at least 2 of these 10 options” packs at a lower drop percentage than tabbards


I am predicting at Atlantis, 30x pulls for a single emblem chest. Similar to 10x pulls for an AM chest.

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You do not make a big change like this without thinking of your revenue doing it.

Don’t even hope we get it for free.

Well before anything, it already has a subtle of doing it.

It promotes the speed up of chests. Events and offers will come soon to make more money off us. :rofl:

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and in the end all were made into fields of money hahahahaha … :joy::joy:

11-12 gems / emblem as seen above

I don’t even get to see any pack at all

this is a question mark why not simultaneously in the store of all players :thinking::thinking:

These offers wander through each account at different times. I always have had different offers up on my two accounts at any given moment. My guess is that they’re on a fixed rotation that starts when you create your account.


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