What sg could do in the future

what I really wanted to see is:
1 - SG exploring challenge events with legendary themes and heroes (maximize the epics and rare) so that players can conquer a truly differentiated hero. Guardians for example could put 2 more legendary: Bear / Scorpio and Leopard Guardians. In the Avalon put Sir Percival and Tristan.
2 - It is also possible to create a challenge event in the castle of ninjas with powerful ninjas (it can be a variation of the challenge event). It would have the Gold Ninja, Silver Ninja and Bronze Ninja as well as other highs worth prizes for those who conquer the stages. They can put rare enemies.
3 - A training interface would also be interesting so that it could test defense and attack besides heroes. This interface would not consume energy and the player could choose to place the heroes as a defense or as an attack. there would be a chance for the player to test and hone his skills with the heroes.
4 - In the list of titan attackers put the amount of attacks that the member made next to the name. This is for the leader to control the activity of the members.
5 - Do not lock players with items but encourage them to acquire numerous teams and do not have heroes standing for items. the game will not end if there are incentives. The more incentives the more players and more $$$.
6 - Create new moves in gameplay and not only limit horizontal and vertical movements. For example, diagonal movements to create crystals.
7 - Change the way to win items for titans since as who gets the first place does not earn as good prizes as some members below. This discourages the dispute between the first places in the titan.
8 - Training center with greater possibilities to acquire epic and legendary heroes. Include Season 2 Heroes. Instead of having CT of colors for rare it would be interesting to create / change the CT to receive different types of heroes. For example: Epic and Legendary Training. War of epics. Training Heroes.

I’m a líder of an ally. Stayed several times in 1st position A+ grade, and the result is the same or worst of my Allys. Many times they Say they got tabardos or rings or tonics. But I dont

I believe that SG could improve this for all aly members. Do by rank even in the titan attack. Some members attack little for this. They know they will pick up good items at times.

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