What’s your in-game profile

Please screenshot your in-game profile. Let’s see how strong you are. This will make recruiting better.

Ehhh. I am not looking for another aliance…

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So what now? Do not really see the sense behind this thread…

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this should be placed in the other thread where its “You Show Me Yours”

I dont know how to link that thread here :stuck_out_tongue:

This one?

Just ask a moderator to merge…

Edit: still do not know how this improves recruitment…

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Only works if a top alliance is recruiting :smile:


I just figured that all we see are names here but no in-game information. I look for particular people when I recruit but in-game we have no way to effectively communicate.

This way we can see the quality of player and decide if he/she are the type of person we would like to have in the alliance. Why waste my time recruiting a player that I know knowing about? Not saying I’m right or this thread is a good idea just trying to do what I feel will help recruiting.

you’re a beast btw, your not looking for an alliance but seeing how strong you are maybe you are a friend to keep. We never know what the future will bring.

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Hi @BlackRhino

The preferred way to recruit on the forum is to post an advert in Alliance Recruitment.

People who are looking can them approach you.

Trying to harvest and collate the profiles of a handful of forum users probably isn’t going to work.

There are already threads for displaying highest titan hits, combos etc.


Thank you for sharing. Since we already have alliances with recruiting messages how about we switch it up.

People who are interested in a alliance finding them can just post their profile and I’m sure a alliance will get with the person. If you join an alliance you can always remove your post.

This way it’s like a free agency. With that being said some mercs may even accept donations to join and help an alliance for a length of contract.

I always think of new ways, let’s all eat.

People interested in finding an alliance already post under the alliance recruitment section of the forum.
So maybe you should try posting your idea there. This really isn’t a topic for general discussion.

This thread already exists (linked twice). Please post there. Thanks!

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