What’s your highest titan hit? (Version 1.9.6 and forward)

This was on a 5* purple without battle items. I knew it was good overall, but I was surprised when I saw the final number. Anyone else have high scores to share? -Sorry if this was discussed elsewhere.


Please post your team as well as the stat. Always interesting to see how a great score was accomplished.

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58.8k on blue 8* Mammoth with BT, Grimm, Caedmon, LJ, Wu. I think it’s pretty good for sub-optimal 4* team. Not a purple titan either.

That’s darned closed to optimal, whatcha talking about Willis? :slight_smile:

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Best so far is 58k on 5* purple. Only used starting a dragon banner and a super mana on Wu.

Using: Wu, Tib, Richard, BT, Mel

Made a new high this morning beating my previous 49k. Reached 50717 on a 7* dark! Gotta love dark Titans.

BT, Grimm, Chao, LiXiu, Wu. All 70 except Chao.

That would be an extremely lucky board if you brought 2 purple heroes to a purple Titan.

Richard not Rigard :slight_smile:

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Ty for the correction! This isn’t the first time I read Richard as Rigard.

Sorry. This was my team. :slight_smile: congrats to all on great hits! It makes the game fun when you get a great board.

Still…it was a lucky board with like a 13 combo.

Mine is 48450.

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This is a perennial topic. Here’s a look at the most recent big thread:

Let’s say for the following: “Screenshots or it didn’t happen” :wink:

I relabeled this thread to make a division from those that came before.

The 151k hit was from before the nerfing. The 96k hit was from after the nerfing. It is extremely rare for me to hit that high though. It’s only an 8 star and as with most people my best scores are against Dark titans.

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How’d you manage that?

Also thank you for the blast from the past. :joy:

**Edit- just noticed the Red Tiger bug, I’m guessing this is how you managed it :roll_eyes:

Yes, I guess that was the red tiger bug. Posted before I saw that issue. Did exceed my perviously best which was 89kish

I broke 32k on a blue Titan last week with max Grimm, 3 60 Kiril, Max Skittleskull, 2 30 Little John, Max Isshtak. Turtle banners, Mana pots, bombs and arrows.

New personal best today on a 9* purple. Team was Wu, Jackal, Drake, Chao, and Delilah. Battle items only turtle banner, bear banner, potent healing potions and arrows.