What’s your E&P Personality?

Thought this would be a fun thread to get going! What’s your E&P Personality? How many do you identify with?

Read through the options below then choose up to three at the end in the poll. Go!

  1. The Speedster :checkered_flag: :racing_car:
    Ain’t nobody got time for that! You prefer fast - very fast mana heroes, burn through your loot tickets upon receipt, and it hurts you deep inside when you have to watch your flags refill when you’re out of flasks.

  2. The Professor :face_with_monocle:
    The game is all about the numbers, and you have been tracking the quantum mechanics through thousands of individual events. You delight in the philosophical discussion of attack damage calculation and hero pull probability.

  3. The Free Spirit :v: :bird:
    You wander in and out of the game as you please (or whenever you remember). You’re not sure what alliance you’re in or when the next event is, but when you do play you live in the moment and take in the scenery while hunting ducks over your stronghold.

  4. The Tortoise :turtle:
    Slow and steady wins the race. You live for the grind, and laugh as the Speedster blows through all his gems as soon as they arrive. Someday, they’ll see that it was worth all this time to wait for the release of a 100 pull. You may have been playing the game for 20 years, but you’ll be waiting and get the last laugh.

  5. The Big Game Hunter :tiger: :elephant:
    Always on the lookout for the next best hero, you plan strategically which summons to pull from in order to complete your collection of rare HOtM specimens. You also tend to hop from alliance to alliance in search of the toughest titans to get the most desirable loot.

  6. The Collector :bone: :card_file_box:
    You prize heroes above all else in the game - appreciate their beauty, their skills, their heart. You own at least 1 copy of all 1-5 star Season 1 heroes, are loathe to feed dupes, and you dream of the day they’ll bring back Athena, the one that got away. Gotta Catchem’ All!

  7. The Newb :baby:
    You started this game because you were being spammed by ads and you like puzzle games, but now you’re in over your head. What’s a pull? What’s a training camp? Which hero should I level… Derrick or Fletcher? I’m at level 2 now, how long until the next level? What’s a 3*? You just wish there weren’t so many acronyms and are hoping that someday soon you’ll have a full team of 5 heroes.

  8. The Fat Cat :cat: :moneybag:
    You have poured so much money into this game that you’re pretty sure you own stock in Zynga by default. Every time a deal comes out you pounce on it, so you are never left wanting for mats or event heroes. No, it doesn’t get old being able to have it all.

  9. The Gossip :phone: :call_me_hand:
    Your alliance is like your family, and you spend most of your game time chatting it up on the boards. You know every merc out there, and on the forum all of the mods know you by first name. For better or for worse, you always get the last word.

  10. The Scrooge :angry:
    Nothing ever works out your way. The game is rigged, the season 1 heroes are outdated, the HOTM skills are too long and complicated, Telly should be nerfed, and you demand a refund. But you still feel the need to stick around just to give everyone a piece of your mind. Bah, humbug!

  11. The Flo Rida :surfing_man:
    Just going with the flow. You hit the titan, chat a lot, and whenever you get loot, you are grateful cause it’s more than what you had before. (Thanks, @Saphirra!)

  12. The Captain :crossed_swords:
    You were born to lead! You started your alliance from scratch and built up your team of newbs from children to seasoned warriors. You are filled with wisdom you freely share with others, and are always ready with an epic monologue to rally your troops and bolster spirits for war. (Thanks for the inspiration, @Kengelma!)

  13. The Addict :coffee: :crazy_face:
    E&P is your life (although you could totally quit any time you wanted to!) You have timers set for every single flag, and have on occasion forgotten to sleep because you were so engrossed in the game. Your greatest fear is that your phone battery dies or you lose connectivity mid-match.

  14. The Truth Seeker / Person of Principle :eyeglasses: :medal_sports:
    The game is just a means to an end to harp on about fairness, justice, loot boxes, corporations milking gamers, getting into arguments about these topics on the forum etc. No way are you spending a single cent on this gacha madness because it is unsustainable. (Thanks, @FrenziedEye!)

  15. The Lurker :male_detective:
    You prefer to hide in the shadows, appearing only to strike the titan and use up those war flags. Your alliance aren’t sure you really exist, and you’ve never said a word or given a like on the forum, but you are always out there… watching… waiting…

  16. The Dinosaur :lizard: :t_rex:
    You’ve been there since the beginning, when the game emerged from the primordial ooze. Nothing phases you, because every team that comes at you is squashed like a bug. Your bench is as deep as it is wide, although you’re not sure how you feel about this new hero evolution.(Thanks for the inspo, @Chadmo!)

  17. The Absent-Minded :confused: :grey_question:
    Oh, there was a Titan? Must have missed it, sorry, you know how I am… Oops, I meant to tag @angeljenn149 but mis-typed and tagged @sft1965 … their avatars look so much alike… what do you mean they don’t? Ah no, I missed the POV daily challenges again… I got distracted… I threw my phone away after losing a raid where I brought my 1/1 Proteus, instead of my +19 monster… hm oh it’s Sunday today? Oh no I missed the class quest then… wait, where IS my phone? (Thanks, @sleepyhead!)

  18. The Penny Pincher :pig: :heavy_dollar_sign:
    You have never spent a dime on the game, and you vow to stay that way. Your pennies rest safely in their piggy bank, and although it’s tempting to crack it open, you’ll do anything to make sure it stays that way. Including inviting all your family, friends, colleagues and exes to play with you so you can stock up on those free VIP passes.

  19. The Creative Type :art: :performing_arts:
    The game is your muse! The graphics, the epic battles, the valiant heroes… so much inspiration, so little time. You’re so full of ideas, and you’re bursting with the energy to turn those ideas into reality. Your alliance lost a war to an all-Boril-tank alliance yesterday and you had to make a meme about it. You did a 30-pull last Atlantis and only got 30 S1 3*s? Time to write a poem. In fact, while you still enjoy the game, it’s more the creative inspiration that fills your days rather than actual gameplay! Wait, I feel a song coming on… (Thanks, @sleepyhead!)

  20. The Once Upon a Time :open_book: :prince: :princess:
    You can identify yourself in many or all of these personalities at some point in your mysterious past - a true chameleon, you have experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows on your archetypal journey to self-discovery. Who knows what lies in store for you in your next chapter? (Thanks for finishing off this list in Style, @Tato!)

  • The Speedster
  • The Professor
  • The Free Spirit
  • The Tortoise
  • The Big Game Hunter
  • The Collector
  • The Newb
  • The Fat Cat
  • The Gossip
  • The Scrooge
  • The Flo Rida
  • The Captain
  • The Addict
  • The Truth Seeker / Person of Principle
  • The Lurker
  • The Dinosaur
  • The Absent-Minded
  • The Penny Pincher
  • The Creative Type
  • The Once Upon a Time

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the Collector fits best for me, though I don’t have EVERY S1 5* yet (11/20 only :frowning: ) I don’t want to spend… but once I do grab a hero, I keep 'em!

I definitely think very carefully before I feed dupes… 100 gems for hero slots is expensive for me! I have not fed away a 5* dupe yet (have dupes of Richard, Elena and Joon so far). And I keep at least one copy of every 3*, 4* and 5* plus dupes of key 4s (fed away all my S1 4 triplicates though… they were just too many…)

I even have Vlad and Dawa still. I’m just too OC about collecting to feed them away :slight_smile: let’s see what will give first, my reluctance to spend or my collecting behavior…


The Professor and the Tortoise probably describe me the best.


I’d say I’m a mix of The Professor and The Big Game Hunter

But as a C2P I think Big Game Hunter is more wishful thinking than reality hahahahah

But I do plan my summons very carefully!


a little bit of professor, but much more relying on data mined by others, than tracking my own progress and a little of big game hunter, except for I cut my spendings recently to VIP only and might even not buy a new pass when it runs out in 18 days. So the planning on summoning is pretty much reduced to whether I spent my free pulls this event or save them for the next one. And also I am loyal to my alliance for more than a year now, even though I think we could kill 11* titans more frequently if a few of my ally-mates improved their play style a bit :wink:


Just an idea.

  1. Flo Rida :surfing_man:
    Just going with the flow. You hit the titan, chat a lot, and whenever you get loot, you are grateful cause it’s more than what you had before

Okay! I’m on board: I am a scrooge, collector, newb, tortoise and potential fat cat (despite my pathetic roster! :wink:
Come on people? How worthy is this??? We go!!


I’m a Free Spirit :blush:


Also: hops from alliance to alliance yelling “Shut up!” and leaving.


Ha ha, this is great. Definitely the Professor for me.


This is definitely me. Grind, grind. Two years plus to reach level 59.

Also, I have 85 WE flasks and 96 Raid flasks in my inventory (only 12 Titan flasks, gotta work on that one).


16+ months! level 41. Not that proud of that part but totally competitive up to attacking ~4200 tp evil defense up to 4 times (flips).


I’m saving for Flask Academy.


Professor / Tortoise / Collector hybrid for me. I like the mathy parts (but don’t get TOO deep in the damage/crit/mana speed calcs), I don’t mind grinding the &$% out of the game and waiting until I have gems for a 10-pull in Atlantis, and I don’t feed away very many heroes without hesitation and even have max dupes of som S1 3* for Challenges.


Total Tortoise. Grind, play hard and always be reliable for my alliance.


I am a Professor/Tortoise hybrid. Total game mechanics/math nerd and I move at the speed of 5 cm/s. :nerd_face: :turtle:


Mama - Started a training alliance. Kids grew up. Mostly play to keep them happy and playing. Like advancing and keeping at least one of each hero, but not obsessed with keeping duplicates. Reminds everyone to get in their titan and war hits. Buys titan flasks to make sure the alliance has them when necessary. Still does training and spends a lot of time recruiting, when necessary.


I’m a combination of Collector and Big Game Hunter, with a touch of Sun Tsu thrown in


I went from the fat cat to the speedster, and then minus loathing feeding dupes, I’m totally the collector, and yes I let Athena get Away and now Alasie too! :weary:

But I actually loathe dupes, just 1 of each is all I need.


Can I pick multiple personality? I hope there is a poll for this :rofl:


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