What’s with the new kiddie cartoon design aesthetic?

You had a very cohesive graphic design theme for your Empires and Puzzles heroes. Now there are a few anime-looking characters and a bunch of new cartoon pets. My guess is there’s a new head designer. Sorry, but it doesn’t work. This is a game for adults…it should look like one. Hope you will rethink your graphic direction.


I don’t really care about the art… But it was built in mid-evil strippers…

To be fair, the only one I noticed was that green bubble thing with a belly full of sweets.
Thought he looked funny for a three * hero.
And he / she has a very decent hit
I think it’s called something like Goopy….
All the others I don’t take much notice of.
There are way too many being released in the game. I can’t keep up with names or what the skills are etc etc
That said…. The hero mix is now much better than it was when I started playing and all you had was S1 lol

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To me, one of the unifying features of the artwork has been the sense of ‘something’s off, weird, or just unexpected’. Even Santa, throwing his gifts at you instead of gently giving them or worse Frosty who is just holding his gift tightly and definitely not sharing. Francine, with her classic ‘bride of Frankenstein’ hairdo offering to cut your hair so that it looks like hers? Natalya as the super-heroine who still can’t get her nail polish chipped.

But the artwork now is flat with nothing to ponder or look twice at. This is the quality that I think about when people complain. I would add that it just feels unimaginative. Ultimately, this is what I felt was so lacking in Celidana’s artwork. If they were going to go anime, did they have to do it same-old same-old? I wouldn’t mind the pet theme if they could have added something different and just a little more weird.


I mean love to see your designs if ya could post some picture. Dont love the pets but no one said this was a game for adults either maybe player base is adults but idk. Dont love villians either or grimforst snowwhite is a kids story. Dont like them dont summon for them idk what to tell ya. Perhaps different cultures will find them cool idk

I’ve pointed out before that there needs to be distict differences in the appearance of heros in this game. Recognition of what a hero does is one of the main skills that you develop in this game, and when heros start to look too much alike, that breaks down. That being said, I agree that the latest round of art isn’t doing the game justice. There are still plenty of cultures/mythologies that have heros that could be chosen as a theme.

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Well, the game is rated 12+. Last I checked, there is a large age range that falls there that isn’t “adult”. So, no, it’s not a game for “adults”. It’s a game for everyone 12 years of age and older.

Except it shouldn’t be because it’s glorified gambling. The fact that they can pull off a 12+ rating is frankly unacceptable.


I don’t mind the art work but they’re really lazy on animating them considering their company income it would take one guy less then a week to do them all probably.

Im not saying it’s acceptable or correct from a moral stand point. You can definitely write to your legislative representative and express your concerns and demand they act on it.


It is becoming unbalanced ,expensive, stupid
PETS, REALLY :nauseated_face:
Im exhausted by it already

I get crystalis and toxicandra confused with the Halloween family. I don’t know why… Just do. I likely will never get the pets confused for any other family… So at least it is distinct… Not just sexy lady in fighting lingerie.

Im glad i didnt get celedina or her twin matilda they just look horrible.

Fair enough that it’s not rated as only for adults. But the chat in the alliances I’ve been in tell me the players are adults. People who work full time, parents, and even grandparents. It would be interesting to know the actual age demographics. As for an example of a design that is out of sync with the aesthetic, look at Celidana lined up with the other heroes.

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