What’s with the challenge rewards?

Kidding calm down revelate and brobb

For real though:

Thank you devs for listening and improving them :wink:


What I do not recall is if this is the same rewards for previous Pirates event? Certainly better that what was offered last month, no doubt.

Yeah they are, last time I wasn’t able to complete it so I was pretty chapped about that

Guess they just recycle same rewards for the same events :joy:

Hope they don’t recycle knights

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The Knights event itself was fun for me, but the completion rewards weren’t worth it in comparison to Pirates or Teltoc.

I fully agree.
Nice event, can be completed without cursing and getting furious, and nice rewards.


If they recycle Avalon, and for the same measly rewards, I might just skip it. Not worth the hassle and expenditure of items and world energy.
(I play events only for the completion rewards)


It appears that they simply re-released Pirates with no changes whatsoever. Which is a good thing—nice rewards and challenging but feasible levels. IMO Knights was both too hard and too meanly rewarded to be fun.


This is just a re-release of Pirates, including the loot. The interesting thing is that Avalon had WAY better top people rewards and WAY worse completion rewards relative to Pirates, and I think Guardians too, at least in my humble opinion.


Amen @Kerridoc !
Good for me … and all the other players who play the events for the completion rewards. :slight_smile:


Yeah. I agree.
And exactly how sensible is it to greatly reward the few and greatly p*** off the many?

Those who complete Advanced for the completion reward usually spend money on the game. And if those say “naaw, I will not bother with this cr**!”, then, to my mind, that is lost revenue ( world energy refills) and lost motivation on the part of otherwise dedicated players. Not wise, in my eyes, from a business point of view

Per the OP, the topic is actually thanking the Devs for this round of events. Let’s try to stay on topic. :grin:

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You are perfectly correct, @Rook

I immensely enjoyed the current event, and I am looking forward to many happy returns :slight_smile:

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I have to chuckle to myself. First time I played Pirates (was the first event released) I pretty much rage-quit.

Came back after reading some advice how to approach it, and managed to finish it (just - by doing a revive with Gems in final level of Intermediate).

Now I celebrate when it’s back, because it’s interesting with the right challenge, and finishing rewards are worth it. And BOY is it better than Avalon.

(The cynic in me thinks “Good work if you can get it. Dust off this old thing and give it an airing again… and the plaudits abound!” :laughing: ) - On a similar vein… here.


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