What’s up with the challenge event brackets and rewards?

Most games have meaningful brackets and reward heroes to several percent of the player base. Looking at only Rare, which has the highest spread of rewards, this challenge event gives a whopping single hero to the top player. That’s like giving prize money only to the winner of Wimbledon or the Champions League.

Furthermore, in a game with a 2 million player base, giving (not even that great) rewards to the top 50,000 is laughable.

Yes, I know there are completion rewards, I know this is a “challenge” event, but come on. Even stingy card/collectible hero games like Star Wars or Marvel ones out there give DAILY gem equivalent currency for placing in top half in arena.

I’m not suggesting they change their gem policy, that would be unfair to long time players and cause a revolt (while it feels stingy, it IS devaluing past purchases). But would it really break the in game economy to give at least something small to a far larger bracket? It just seems weird for someone who comes over from competing games.

Every fan base complains about this or that developer having too heavy a hand on the in game currency, but play 5-10 of the most popular games of similar mechanics and you will definitely see a pattern.


You get something small

The completion rewards for epic and legendary contain unfarmable mats and epic coins

All 3 tiers contain emblems

And all 3 are fairly easy to complete with an adequate roster and battle items

If you want more, pay for it like everyone else. Or don’t, choice is yours


So you don’t find it at all weird having (ok, additional) rewards for fractions of 1% of the player base?

Even in poker tournaments which have notoriously exponential curves on rewards you can break even if you’re in the top 40-25%. And faaaaaar fewer players.

I’m not suggesting they give 10,000 gems to the winner and 1000 to the top 10%.

But something equivalent to hero/monster chests you get daily anyways for at least top 25%? 2 such chests at top 10% and so on? Would that break the game economy?

It’ll go that route eventually. We are in a “everyone’s a winner” day in age

A lot of people in this game want what the next person has but for less effort and cost. So I’m sure devs will please that group soon enough, they already did with raid tourney %s and rng rewards, matter of time before event rewards are the same and a lot dont feel compelled to spend to compete in them. People spend right now to compete in events, if ranks become meaningless then devs will definitely see a drop in funding from the events. Why spend 250 bucks to hit #1 when you can hit 10% for free and have a shot at getting the same rng rewards as 1st place…

Just as comparison, I’m in top 1% of raid tournament and my rank is in the 2000s. Which was done 100% for free and even half assed. Challenge events wouldnt be any different. Ranks would lose value, loot would flood in to anyone and everyone, and lose value as well, larger groups of players would develop quicker, which forces devs to push the boundaries of the game faster to defeat boredom. Which is a task devs already can’t keep up with. Not to mention it would deter interest in buying any kind of special mat deals when you get em 4x a month from raid tournament, 1x a month from event, 3x a month from rare quests, not to mention mystic vision, daily chests, titans, titan and war chests, etc

But yea sure we need to go ahead and power level the entire community to squash any kind of goals or challenges they currently have so they get bored as quickly as possible

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I can agree that they should expand the reward percentage, although I still think #1 in each category should get the best rewards.

The issue is that there are the top players, that are way out of most of our leagues, that mostly win. If they spread the wealth a little bit it would certainly bring more interest in trying for higher tiers, which in turn would bring SG more revenue.

I don’t think they need to expand the rewards, just include more players in the lower tiers. This would make striving for the higher tiers more attractive to a larger amount of the players base.

But as for 1st place in each category, leave it alone. “There can be only ONE!!!”


Nobody said anything about the types of rewards. So the single WE flask for places above 50,000 would be game breaking if given to top 200K and the farmable stuff for the bracket above if given to 100K?

People immediately jump on the envy bandwagon. It’s a shame really. And immediately going from expanding the brackets to “everyone’s a winner”. Really?

So only the winner of the World Cup gets prize money right? You should get a job if you aren’t number one in the Tennis rankings?

Let’s try to be reasonable on both sides and find a more middle ground. While posts like mine do sound rant-y, ones like yours are needlessly confrontational and sadly, condescending.


Eh it is what it is. Just more pleas for handouts…

Want better rewards? Compete

You don’t? Don’t compete

But to feel like “we need to expand reward tiers because I’m too lazy and cheap to try as hard as others” is just not a thought process i could ever agree with

This made me laugh. Way to avoid all argumentation and and answer your own question.

Good luck with that approach in life.

Yea the earn what you want rather than ask someone else for it approach works pretty well so far in life.
As far as game, I’ve competed a couple times, highest i made was 15, but without a huge need for ascension mats, there isn’t a huge need for me to compete. If i wanted the mats bad enough then i would put in the time and money to try and outdo the next person rather than go on a public forum and beg for us to get the same rewards so that i wouldn’t have to worry about competing with him/her

You are arguing from the margins. Please tell me where I said anything you mention. I was merely drawing parallels between the size of brackets vs other games and other competitive fields.

But this isn’t going anywhere so I rest my case.


No. You are wrong. I’ve already told you that wasn’t the case, yet you still insist on it. You are so good reading invisible subtext your veiled insults aren’t at all veiled.

Have a nice day :smiley: or grow up. Your choice.

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Lol on another note. How many gems do you think an epic hero token or epic troop token are worth? And how many gems do you think unfarmable mats are worth? And how many gems are world energy flasks worth?

300 gems = hero token
200 gems = troop token
W/E flask = 100 gems
3* mats = roughly 300 each if i recall the last 500 gem deal for mats correctly

There’s your “daily equivalent gems bs” dilemma Solved.

So if the whole “i want gems” is all you were after, it’s there. Players spend gems on everyone of those things so not a stretch to draw a line of equivalence from one to the other.

The Devs have said they are re-evaluating.

But currently Empires makes tons of money like casinos and eBay. Where is the business incentive for a casino to become a bank? eBay to become a jewelry store?


The only tier I wish they would they would change is the 100-300 on legendary.

The equivalent in rare is 101-3000, then epic 101-1500, then a SHARP drop to 101-300. Would love it to be expanded to 101-750 for that legendary tier. (Note: this would benefit me)

All of these events are welfare for big spenders who can drop thousands to get just the right cards, max them, and emblem them. Then along come these events and they take all the worthwhile rewards. It’s not a true competition. It’s a reflection of how much $ SG has sucked from you.

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Have you seen the teams players are competing ? Do you know how they make this scores ?

There is nothing to do with spending tons of money buying heroes!!!

People are everyday worse in the complains!!!

Like @Rigs said, you have a choice to do:

Spent money repeating lvl after lvl to beat your score or don’t spent money!!!

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