What’s the most annoying team to vs in raids?


For me it has to be any healer /w debuffs + spirit link

(Mostly because I have alberich cyprian and kiril on my team which main purpose is to buff)

Then if they have a Balthazar or caedemon it’s over

My team score is only 2400 so I don’t vs a maxed out 4* teams and such

Richiesta info

Sounds like you need to include some hitters to do more damage… :wink:


All I got is a tier 2 bane and a tier 2 scarlet my guy…


Spirit link is only really annoying until you have a fast mana debuffer. (Even less so if you manage to get 2). Then Spirit link is really just a wasted spot in defence.

Most annoying for me is centrally placed strong/tank healer with buffs or debuffs (e.g. boldtusk). If a team has one of these with one or more accompanying ‘incidental’ healers (i.e. heal and do something else) then they become very annoying to beat. You can’t help but charge their mana and they keep topping themselves up.

Only real way out is to save your big hitter specials until you have more than 1 to be able to focus on one of those and take them out in a single round. Otherwise you risk trying and just topping them up again. I lost to a far ‘weaker’ team in power to this combination and then lost again in a re-try. I was fit to burst!


Spirit link is really annoying on a 3* team, so i suggest to use Tyrum or Belith for now.
Generally speaking, there’s not a specific team that is more difficult of another, it’s just based on your team.

Secondary skills and status effect have really a huge impact on a fight, so try to get as many different as you can.
Try different teams and not feed a hero before you are really sure that you don’t need it.


The only teams I automatically reroll are teams with max ascended li xiu in tank position…she annoys the hell out of me…other then that, if their power is within 100 of me and trophy won/loss rate is relatively close to even or skewed in my direction, I go for it.
Spirit link won’t be annoying at all when you get a debuffer on your team.


Agree with chuck about centrally placed Li Xiu. I can’t stand perfect riposte and tend to avoid those dudes even though I have a hero that can debuff it. Finally more than one maxed out 5* is generally a no-go.


That being said, it is a good feeling when you get a team with a couple of 5* and you manage to take it out with your 4* bunch - always gives great satisfaction (and it can / does happen).


All you need against buffers is Sonya. I no longer fear Ares when I see him. Sonya makes quick work of those types. Just sit there with a charged up debuffer and wait for them to buff, then zap! they’re back down to normal and you can whiff them.

I also use Melendor on the same team so that’s TWO debuffers.