What’s the minimum talent grid level

I started using emblems when I first started playing the game as though there would be an endless supply🥴. I know now of course how very naïve I was.

My emblemed heroes range from 3*-5* some I use daily, while others on singular occasions, such as dark titans.

My question is in general, I know it might depend on hero, what is the minimum “level” in the talent grid should be reached to say it’s worth while?

I would like eventually to have 1 talent on each hero I use in my war attack teams so as at least there is a chance (however small) of the special going off. The main heroes I use on my defence will get the emblems first though (in the case of Poseidon and Kingston Poseidon is getting all spare but I have one on Kingston just for a revive chance.)

Depends on class and how often you use that hero.

If you want to max their talents, I would personally not take most of them over +18. Some classes don’t have anything worthwhile in node 19 and 20, and they’re too expensive to even consider. The nodes that buff stats are what I personally consider worthwhile at that point – but for most it’s just crit or mana or whatever that isn’t making much of a difference by that point.


I would rather consolidate my emblems on a few heroes than spread them too thin. Take them to at least +15 if not +18. I think Fighter class might be one of the classes that would be ok to spread emblems a bit more widely.


I like to bring heroes to lvl 9, as it gets them a couple turns through the talent path. For heroes I use less often I’ve given them +1 for the talent unlock. For my strongest heroes I’ve pushed them to +11 to +19 depending on the hero, class, and last nodes.

It can be expensive to reset and reallocate, but unused emblems sitting in inventory don’t do you much good. I’ve done some targeted embleming of heroes I knew I’d reset but in the meantime would be stronger heroes. Spreading emblems like that early as part of a plan gives you a boost and keeps the investment from being too costly so you’ll get a clear return.

I also emphasized 4* for a long time and made key heroes pseudo 5* to compliment my 5* heroes. That helped in raiding but more so in wars. Some 4* will keep their emblems forever, but as my 5* gained strength I’ve shifted some emblems and effectively retired the 4*.


I took my raid defense to 19 nodes. That way I get the mana bonus on all of the average mana heroes in my defense. Other heroes I use regularly I take to node 7, unless it’s an average mana speed Rogue like Khiona or Costume Domitia. I took them to 8 to get the mana bonus. G Jackal I took to 20 so he can survive in fights on the diamond level.

Each hero is different. You have to look at it that way. If you give emblems to them then you are building them up for a reason. How vital are they to beating events? War defense and attack teams? Raid defense and attack teams? Titan attack teams? Raid tourney defense and attack teams? It makes a huge difference to have a plan in place for their use.