What’s the code for line break in general chat

I am the main recruiter in my alliance and I want to be able to put line breaks in my ad.
How do I do that?

I can do the colored text.

Ps. I am sorry if you don’t like the ads in the recruiting chat, they are not going away :slight_smile:

I think you just type it in an sms text or other app and copy and paste.

Nope. :). The line breaks go away when it’s posted. Just like most emojis don’t work.

Buts thanks anyway Jonah.

Seems to work for me

Must be my app I am copying from.
I will try another app. Thanks.

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Are you aware of this awesome tool for the job written by E&P players?

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You can’t get line breaks at all on iOS, and on android its only by copying and pasting, IIRC


Damm iOS. Killing my creativity. :slight_smile:


I am using a bt-keyboard and enter shift+enter

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Nope. (: …

Hi there

Does anyone knows how I can do a line break for the presented alliance message?
I always have to write it in my messenger tool on my phone and then copy it. But I often play on PC and there this don’t work with the internal editor or something. Does anyone knows if there is a ascii code or something for it? For example you can change colors with [#HEX-COLOR-CODE]. In HTML you can make a line break with \n or with the br tag. I think there has also to be something like this for line break, otherwise the messenger tool couldn’t display it?!

Thanks for helps and tipps
Greetings Lord

Hello guys. I have seen some player using “enter key” function in the chat room. Not sure how they did it coz normal enter key don’t break the lines or paragraph. I would love to use it but haven’t got the ideas how to input. Help.

(please do not read/remember this if you’ll use it to spam a recruitment message anywhere else than recruitment room) :rofl:

I’d suppose people type up a message in notes on their phone, or something where the enter does work. Then they select, and copy/paste into the chat :slight_smile:

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I copy/paste from my phone, and [enter] never works. Let me know if you figure it out!

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If I figured it out, I will certainly let you know my friend.

Loorts is correct. What you’re describing is technically called a line break, but the only way I’ve found to achieve it is copy and paste from another app. However - this only seems to work on androids, not ios, which is why it doesn’t work for many people.


shakes fist at the eeevil IOS gods! :grin:


I do it by adding a whole lot of extra spaces! :rofl: (47 or something? it’s been a while)

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I heard from an ios user that it is possible to use the line break with an additional app like clipper. (I use Android so I just heard about it)


use the HTML code for line break

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