What’s the best hero you’ve trained in tc20?

waiting for Lianna since like always lol


For us f2p players level 20 is the best.
Sartana x 3
Khagan x 3
Horghall x 2
Elena x2
Marjana x 2
Domitia x 2
Obakan x 2
Khagan x 2
Took a while but you get results if you are patient


Word. Had gotten two 5-stars from summons total between when I started playing in September 2018 and April 2019. Cranked up a TC 20 in April, and pulled Domitia and Thorne in my first 8 pulls (which is beating the odds, btw, but I’ll take it.) Also allowing me to fill in some holes in my 4-star roster. On summons, I kept getting duplicates (Sabina x2, Tiburtus x3, Danzaburo x3, Kelile x3). I know it’s just dumb luck, but I’ve only pulled one 4-star duplicate from TC 20 (Grimm x2, so not that bad), and I’ve also gotten my first Boril, Cyprian, and Caedmon in like 2-3 weeks of running TC20. Still no Boldtusk, Rigard, or Kiril, though. Now running 2x TC20 to see if I can change that (and, of course, draw some more 5-stars).

Congrats on Isarnia, @Weasel6800. Would rather have her than Thorne in blue. (BTW, is this the first ever conversation on the boards between two weasels? LOL)


I don’t know about that, but online forums sure are filled with weasel words, no offence to present respectable weasels :slight_smile:

My best TC20 present was Sartana and Sartana. Yep, that’s right. Back to back scary ladies. I was deeply disturbed by this offering.


I’ll take that kind of disturbing occurrence, please! :smile:

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You might be interested in this thread.

I’ve gotten no 5 star heroes from TC20 in 1 year of playing lol (6 months of running TC 20).

Best one so far was Wu Kong.

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Wow, that is real bad luck and I feel for you. Some members of my alliance has been running TC20 for the last 2 months, and the results are pretty much what is expected. You can check here.


I should probably clarify lol, I’ve been playing for a year, but running TC20 continously for 6 months. So still it’s been a long time for me, and yeah it’s bad luck. All my 5 stars have ironically come from summons.

I did set up a second TC20 recently though, so hopefully my luck improves.

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Quite happy with my 5.5% ratio of 5* heros from my TC20 at the moment, still running two in parallel.

And really happy about my snipers Marjana (4.80) and Sartana (4.80 and 1.1). Also got Kadilen and Elkanen who are waiting at 3.70…would trade both for a lianna though :joy:


I just got TC20 running 11 days ago. I got my first 5* Isarnia today.


@zephyr1 @Kerridoc @Rook @Garanwyn Possible merge?


The premise of this thread — what’s your best tc20 hero — is a little different than the broad tc20 tracking thread.

I’m going to wait to see how it develops. If it ends up just being people similarly sharing results, I’ll merge it.

In the meantime, I’m updating the title to make it clearer what the distinction is.

Thanks! :heart_decoration:


As for me, I’d say it’s Vivica — but at least for 5*, I’ve only pulled Vivica and Leonidas so far, so I don’t have a lot to choose from for “best.” :slight_smile:


Isarnia - She is the Queen, all others are just extras.
She was my most coveted classic hero and I was fortunate to have gotten a few months after I got my TC20s started. Others did come along, but I made sure Isarnia got maxed as soon as I have material to spare, and she has been a solid contributor in my lineup for a very long time.

I have not had too much luck pulling 5* out of summons (HOTM, events, elemental, epic, seasonal Atlantis) but it finally changed a bit when I pulled Frida from one Atlantis coin pull, so TC20 has been my main source of 5*. I now have gotten at least a copy of all but 7 S1 5* out of my TC20s (all of my classic 5* came “Homegrown”), I have 4 TC20 and are running 3 of them non-stop. Seasoned players seemed to have compiled enough data to suggest a 3 - 5% odds on 5*. I would definitely suggest running more than one TC20 as the more concurrent sessions helps with productivity and lessens frustrations.


first account after 350 tc20 i got joon e marianne. but after 330 tc20.
second account first vivica! thorne obakan with 40/50 tc/20


After 18 months or so and after 5 Kadilens and 4 Elkanen i finally got my first Lianna.

That moment i triple check it, i was trembling and at first i thought it was some kind of candid camera.

Lianna was the hero i desired from day 1, and the one i tried my first 300 hard earned gems. (And get Ishtak, of course)


My Elena at 2-60, by far. I also got Elkanen, Obakan (x2), and Khagan so far…all at 1-1 :roll_eyes:

Well, at least you got your 5 stars from summons. :smiley:

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My 1st Dark 5* Domitia ( the only element i was missing at the time) , then it was Marjana the very next day on 2nd TC.

Sadly Dom is waiting at 3-70 as then pulled Hel in Atlantis so will get those tabbards first

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