What’s the best defense?

Ignore the emblems currently on this defense, what’s the best defense assuming max emblems?

This defense can have maxed emblems on every hero.

This defense can have maxed emblems on everyone except Sartana.

There’s not much of a difference.
Both are top.

I’d place em like so

Misa Sarta Guin Gravey Lia

But they don’t have much more than firepower except Misa. If she fires first and hits multiple times, the others immediately will gain some mana. There’s a small chance to charge others up on the same turn.

Misandra - Gravemaker - Guinevere - Sartana - Lianna

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I agree with @FraVit93

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So in other words, non-emblem Sartana is better than emblem Domitia?

Off topic, but Nittany, are you in dc area? Know someone who uses that…
And on topic, that’s what it sounds like.

Yep :grinning:

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To me in a Gwin defense Speed Is King, pew pew!

You know anyone at MB?

I work there lol…:grinning:

What’s MB? My line ID is NittanyLionRoar if you want to DM.