What s that?

Who knows what that means???

I welcome, I think this is a training camp for the troops

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There you can train troops for each hero.

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hi / hello

i will reply in both language, english and french :slight_smile:

you can convert buildings with conditions, you can have 4 tC and 3 forge, or 4 forge and three TC, something like this

i don’t know how it works, cause today, i got 4 forge , 1 barack; 3 TC

and some people in my alliance get 4 TC, 3 forges…but i can’t convert !!


en gros tu as une option qui te permet de convertir les batiments sous certaines conditions

il y a un nombre max de camp et de forge, de caserne etc…

mais suivant les choix initiaux de faits, on peut se retrouver avec un nombre différents des autres personnes comme moi par exemple

j’ai trois camps et 4 forges, alors que certaines personnes dans mon alliances ont 4 camp et trois forges !

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You’re able to choose which building to convert to a barraks. Most people recommend converting a forge, since you really don’t need more than one or two. That’s probably what your buddies did. In order for you to have that fourth TC you’ll need to unconvert the barraks and then convert a forge into one. I don’t think you’ll get your food back, and I think you’ll have to start from level one, biut it will be worth it to have that fourth training camp.


Je parlais, excusez moi, de ce qui a en dessous

" Ă  venir bientĂ´t".

I was talking about the pictures down…
“Welcome soon”.???

This is there since the beginning.
Maybe, some day, once, they will add new buildings but for now no new buildings are planned.

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