What’s new in Version 19 / v19?

Can I know what the features of the new version I have updated the game and did not find what is new

Here you go:

You’ll find that the News and Updates section has all those details normally.


I read the update notes and have updated the game. I’m not certain I know exactly what the OP meant, but if it’s, ‘I don’t yet see anything new in the game,’ then I’d agree with that. Maybe I just haven’t poked around enough yet, but I haven’t noticed anything new (or anything in line with the update notes).


So - what was added in the update:
Wonderland - you won’t see this until the Challenge starts next week.

friends invite - as stated in the release notes - this won’t be available until all players have the new version.

Increase to Class Emblem drop rates - you won’t notice this until you start opening chests

Changes to Hero Class Tutorial - you will have to look at the class tutorial to see this

Added Class Emblems to Challenge Event Completion Rewards - you won’t be able to see this until Wonderland rolls around next week

Fixed a bug where Ameonna was taking reflect damage in Ghost form… I guess you won’t notice this until you meet up with Ameonna or use her in a raid, if you have her.


Fair. I guess I thought there may be some sort of teaser art. Or a reserved space in the quest area showing a countdown, etc.

Some cards should also show hero animations in detail view now.


Translation: We did a new update, but the game has nothing to change as before. The new buildings added to the game were still not added why we’re still waiting on it ???

No update available for me yet… Been 2 days?

Wish I knew what to tell you. I got mine this morning when I woke up. This version seems to be rolling out at a very measured pace.

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Translation by Google: “We did a new update, but the game has nothing to change as before. The new buildings added to the game were still not added why we’re still waiting on it ???”

You can see what changed in the version notes. The new buildings aren’t even in beta yet, so I doubt they’ll come out any time soon. I imagine they’re trying to get the details on them correct before releasing them.

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Always check the news and updates section if you get a new version. Release notes are always posted there.



I see two little things
1.When your heroes get max lvl and skill he/she get triangle in left up corner with class symbol
2.Attack debuff icon is yellow-orange, in past it was all yellow


First one is due to only being able to give talent grid emblems to fully maxed heroes.

I dont see it…

edited: got it now :wink:

Sorry I did not understand what you mean

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Anyone understand friend invite feature? Will it be something like in game feature or just invite friend to play the game and when he log in inside the game you get rewards?


Look at the triangle on the top of the card where the class symbols are… The other point i haven’t noticed yey

These are the features currently released:

Wonderland is coming shortly (another 6 days or so), and as @Garanwyn says, the new buildings still have to be tested in Beta before release. Don’t worry…it’s all coming. :slight_smile:


I laughingly told my clanmates that my first hero would be Ulmer. Should have bought a lotto cause sure enough thats who hatched.
Second popped yesterday, Thorne.
Fed him to Ulmer. Lol

But Hey! Pretty good odds, yea?


Great forum feature.

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