What Red would MOST benefit my team?

I have 4/6 rings, 8 blades. My initial thought is to ascend Sumitomo while I wait for 2 more rings, but when I get those rings, I have some 5* that I’m not sure I want to ascend yet. Maybe Elena for Titan tile damage?

Full Ascension
Natalya (#1)
Boldtusk (#1)
Guardian Falcon

3/60, Partial or not ascended
Natalya (#2)
Zimkitha (#1 & #2)
Sumitomo (#1 & #2)
Sir Lancelot
Boldtusk (#2)

I have 2 Grimm, 2 Tiburtus fully ascended. Am working on Buddy now

Boril is 4T


I was very hyped about Zimkitha to start, but not sure she has a place in my defense.
Already take Redhood, Grave, Nat, Falcon, Wu on Titans. I’d replace Redhood with Elena, but not sure Zim is worth the rings, just don’t know who I’d give them to and Marj is weak on tile damage though she’s got a wicked punch.

You need a Wilbur, hang in there Atlantis is coming soon.

You know I think you are right that I need one. Game changer.

My 6 year old daughter pulled two from two single pulls.

I have tried so hard for Wilbur. Last month I got Inari, so I’ve been distracted by her exotic beauty. Have all the other 4* except Triton. Ate the abysmal Agwe.

IF NO WILBUR–> Who would you pick from the list?

I like Sumitomo for his mana boost/counter. I also have Amonnea 4/70 and will have Inari 4/80 soon, so they’ll get the family bonus. Also have TTYbear (Danzaburo) that I COULD 4/70 if I felt like being odd.

I have 5 Wilburs already, this time around I got Inuri , but no Wilbur , strange how Gacha work. If you like red stacking u definitely new him, or two or 3 or 6 for wars.

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