What red to level next?


I did a 10x pull and got 2 Colens and Gormek. I don’t know who I should level. The rest of my team includes BT 3.60, Kasshrek 3.46, and fully leveled Bane, Tyrum and Ulmer.

I also got Cyprian on that pull and I wonder if I should feed him Renfeld and Prisca. I am working on the maps, do some raiding and titans. I don’t care much about alliance wars yet, but that might change in the future.

Thanks for your recommendations!

Gormeck > Colen > Cyprian

Gormeck decrease ennemy’s def, it’s so useful when raiding or killing titans. Consider lvling him first if you dont have Grimm or Tiburtus.

You have Ulmer to decrease def but hes too easy to kill and slow mana

Colen can be deadly in def, caused me a lot of troubles, but is slow mana and can be easily killed because of his low def

Cyprian is great as tank but you have Kashrek.


I agree with Jgmec2. Colen and Cyprian are good tanks at your level but Kashrek is better at that position. You will use Gormek from now on.

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