What r u doing during ninja tower event

Ninja tower is very bad and I’m not feel happy while playing this event ( only providing frustration and eating lot of battle items ) . So I stopped at lvl 29 and I’m using that time to complete S3 hard mode ( I’m normally finished newly released provinces completely within next month opens but last month I was very and couldn’t get lot of time that’s y ) . So I’m happy to here what other activities u r doing in game neglect that very worst ninja tower event ?

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I’m doing nothing. Taking time doing pov dailies and helping with war and titans. After I brought my only fully leveled 5* (Hel) into the tower and she immediately got cursed… i quit… maybe if they tweak it ile return next tower arrival…


Yesterday and today i used my time and WE to do some hard levels on Valhalla. I got stuck on lvl 30 in NT and theres nothing i can do without using items( i wont do that)


Good call.

In addition to filling chests, titan, and war, I am catching up on S3.

As written elsewhere, I decided to opt out of Ninja Tower from the start. I feel great about it! I don’t feel like I’m “missing out” on anything significant. :sweat_smile:


I’m just ignoring it now, got to 25… not motivated to go any further. Bad loot, terrible battle mechanic. Its not fun.


i gave up on tower at 25 aswell. I spend the time filling chest, POV,harvesting resources at stronghold, spending those resources, filling chest and, I rushed a few atlantis stages. I´d like to have it finished by the next AR so I can do a few pulls. I´m very lazy with Atlantis and Valhalla stages, they take a lot of WE. and getting used to autofarm easy maps and play raids, titans and wars.


About Level 25 is where it came to a head for me.

I decided that it was worth trading 4 arrows and 4 bomb attacks for 2 emblems and that I wasn’t going to get to 50 so just use the heroes now and don’t worry about the future.

I just finished 30 at about 150k ranking and now I’m wondering if I should shoot for L35 to see if I can crack the top 100k for more emblems.

(I’m f2p with 11 leveled 5*s, so not a terrifically deep bench. 5 more levels is iffy.)


I finished 2 days ago. It was pretty easy, so I was watching to see if I fell out of the top 1000 yet.

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I got up to 35. I doubt I’ll finish 36, as my healers are all cursed but two (Sabina and Kiril).

I finished the “special stages in Niflheim” for 10 gems, and started on “special stages in Helheim”. Unfortunately, I probably won’t finish this before the next stages open. (I already finished the hard levels.)


I’m stopped at tower 36 because too consuming my battle items, and bosses are too tough. I prefer spending time on other tasks like POV, titan and wars… etc.


Same thing I always do. Titans, monster chests, wars when they’re up, occasionally raids when I feel like it, PoV dailies when I feel like it (depends on the daily - I skip if it seems like more trouble than it’s worth)… other events that have actual guaranteed useful rewards…


Finished 36, and giving up.


Ninja Tower needs serious adjustment. I used way too many resources for little rewards. You should get completion rewards for every 10 levels with the option to collect the reward and tap out or continue. I got as far as 26 and decided it wasn’t worth the effort to continue. I might have tried to get to 30 if there were decent rewards at that floor. If you’re under level 80, you don’t stand much of a chance. The event needs some modifications.


So been playing E&P for about 4 years now. I’ve thrown money at the game over the years and have enjoyed all the new events and seasons. But… Ninja Tower was disappointing. The stages were extraordinarily slow as you spend so much time clearing masks and not dealing damage. F2P players could not earn a summon this event. The rewards given on placement and not percentage of participation means that new players are going to face an ever increasing wall of competition and that P2P players will get increasingly stronger against F2P players. And the summons themselves… 1% chance at a ninja hero?

Everything we’ve enjoyed in the seasons and events they tossed out for Ninja Tower. The heroes and troops look interesting, but the wall and amount of time and effort… This event simply was not fun. I really hope they can overhaul the event to make it worth participating in.


The event simply was not fun to play.
I reached about level 15 and gave up.
It was getting to be too hard for my 4200 team that included 5 star heroes.
Each level was taking more than 5 minutes to complete and then have your heroes being decimated like butter.

As for the rewards I didnt expect much anyway, SG does not give anything to F2P as long the ones paying keep opening their wallets spending obscene amounts of money.
Thats who SG is catering for.
The only hope for f2p is that the european courts strikes down the gacha system once and for all.

Just wanted to clarify that we got 102 coins for reaching the top of the tower so this is enough for 1 pull.

Whether this free pull corresponds to the amount of effort put into completing the event is a different question.

I stopped at Level 20. Once Friday and the weekend rolled around, I didn’t have time to play 10 levels a day where I had to sit down and figure which heroes I was willing to gamble on surviving the level or not.

I thought it was challenging and good gameplay.

I paid for 1 summons and got Jade, not sure how good she is, but at least it is a Green 5* :smiley:
I also saved up 21 troop tokens and did not pull any ninjas troops :sob:

I think some quality of life changes that could be made:

  1. curse shouldn’t remove the hero, but rather perminantly lower some random stat.
  2. like all of the other special gems (seasonal events) there should be a counter good effect if a match is made. I think this should be temporary for that level (to fit the rest of the event a temporary stat boost for that hero).
  3. The free tokens at the end of the level should be higher. Considering that this is more challenging than any of the other events I think if you finish you should get three free summons.
  4. this should not stop legends from happening every month. The only logic of not overlapping other events is that you are using one type of energy (world energy). The ninja tower has its own energy source so there is no logical reason that they could not be at the same time. As item intensive the event is right now, I am not against ninja tower every other month.
  5. They should add a recommended team power to each level.
  6. not to be a Debby downer I do like the free emblems at the end of the levels.
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Nice event. I like the challenge, triple the odds of getting ninja heroes, triple the amount of coins for completing maps. :grinning:

I like the seasonals, but am not a fan of the monthly event format. So I’d like to see reward system like the seasonals, none of this timer/health stuff. And with the rewards displayed so players have something to shoot for. 4* avatar at 40, 5* avatar at 50, cycle through them. Try a troop token at 20, so players get something, look at the portal, and maybe spend. Extra emblems/whatever at landmark stages. Don’t see any need for mats. Maybe stages 40 and 50 could unlock a nice deal that includes a mat.

I wouldn’t make the event any easier. Frequency of curses, curse timer, item limits, buff length, poison etc. all look tuned about right. It does get repetitive, all these ninjas start to look alike. But spread the event over a month and players can do hits while waiting for war board resets and such. Really, I’d extend all the seasonals to last a whole month and put ninja tower in the other eight months. Have tavern every month. The tricky part is the extra ninja troop summon.

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