What qualities are you looking for in an Alliance?

When I first started playing E&P, I joined an alliance as soon as I could. After a few months I felt that I wasn’t getting what I wanted out of my alliance.
I had grown stronger and thought I had outgrown my alliance. We were hitting 4* and 5* Titans that we usually killed, despite having at least 10 players not hitting on a regular basis. The Alliance Leader took over running our alliance after the original leader quit playing the game. It was obvious that the new leader did not put much effort into the alliance. He didn’t post Alliance Message Banners about the Titans. There was no teamwork with the alliance wars, and idle teams were not removed after long periods of no use. It was rare for alliance mates to chat with each other.

I left that alliance, but since I didn’t know any other team, I was unsure of exactly what I wanted in an alliance. I joined 3 other alliances before I found my current alliance, and everything I was looking for in a team. I thought I would post some questions to ask yourself, so others could find what they want without having to go through the long process I went through.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is my strength level, and where do I want to rank on my team? Do you want to be a top ranked hitter, middle of the pack, or low man on the totem pole?

I went from 1st alliance, where at 3500TP, I was in the top 10, to a serious alliance, where 3500TP was the minimum requirement to join the group. I was in the bottom 10 of the alliance. We fought 10* to 12* Titans, and I spent the entire attack just trying to keep my Heroes from dying before the time ran out. I was out of my league. My Titan Chests were not great. I wasn’t having much fun. Also, this team was the opposite of my 1st alliance. Instead of players not logging on for 3 weeks at a time, this alliance kicked you out if you missed 2 Titan attacks, or didn’t use all War Flags. This felt like a 2nd job! Which brings me to 2nd question to ask yourself…

  1. How much commitment do you want to give your alliance? How serious are you about winning?

Is this game a leisure activity, or can you commit to attacking every Titan as much as you can? Can you assure your team that you will use every War Flag? I found that I was not ready for the pros, that was too much commitment for me.

  1. Is team comradery important to you?

I felt that if I am joining an alliance, it should feel like a team. Besides the “pro” team, the only other alliance I found where my team encouraged each other, and gave each other advice, was my current alliance. I have learned a lot and am a much better player due to the advice I received from my alliance mates.

  1. What age level, maturity level, or level of friendliness do you feel comfortable with?

If there are those in your alliance who use rude language, ignorant remarks, or criticize others, it can be enough to make you want to change alliances right away. Those that whine and complain about, bad boards, too much money spent without any good summons, or that the game is just a “rip off”, or “fixed” against them, can kill the mood, and bring down the mood of the alliance, and gets old real quick.

Those are a few things that were important to me in finding an alliance, but it took me 3 tries to realize what I wanted. The 4th time has brought me to exactly what I was looking for. Remember, if an alliance doesn’t feel right, you are not committed to staying there.
It may take some time to find what you are looking for.

If you would like to try my alliance out, to see if you like it, then I invite you to give us a try. We have a few spots open right now. It’s a really great bunch of people, who genuinely get along and support each other. Just need to have 1000 Trophies, and ask to join. We have players from 3100TP up to 4200TP. We are killing 7* & 8* Titans, with great loot in the chests.

Our alliance is, “Anniesguns”. Just ask Annie, Jinx, or me, Stevon Stark, to try us out. See if you like it as much as me, because having a good alliance can make the game much more enjoyable.
Thanks, and good luck!


Just curious, how well did this approach work for you? Did any new recruits seek you out from this forum post?


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