What projects are you currently working on?

Working on unlocking the glove factory. I have 11 compasses, no gloves and currently 17 heroes who could use them.


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I love Neith; got Justice a few weeks ago, but not sure about her. I know she’s graded C, that aside, does anyone have any experience with her?

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I have both Neigh and Justice maxed. Justice is slower but much stronger. The only Neith’s benefit is that she is faster and has higher attack stat (good for titans).
When I raid I take either Neiht or Justice and haven’t set up my mind yet, who us better.


SuuriKoira, thank you very much for replying to my post. I will max Justice too, they are both very different, but equally useful. I like using them together so that I can benefit from the element link.

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Update on Guvs Projects


Working on a couple 4* to max & my final elemental debuffer (Panther).
Read more on the effort/ cost of getting Panther here: [WARNING] A Summons Experience - Chasing Guardian Panther - A Warning for Chasing Heroes

(JF & Vela to 3-70, Owl to max)

After this batch, I will be working on:


Same as last time really… mainly focusing food on hero levelling & just using excess for troops:
I have my main set of mana troops which have had a bit of progress…

Crit Troops are pretty well unchanged

Secondary Mana Troops have had a little bit of growth.


As before the vanilla stuff is done.
Stronghold is at 23

Advanced buildings are

Current plan is really just to finish the Farm & Mine… then all that is left is the Alchemy Lab…

Battle Items

Same as before, just using excess Iron to craft Tornadoes etc…

Also will be restocking my battle items for the next Challenge Event… Used some (probably too many) chasing a poll-position on Rare without any return :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still working on those 5*, but the end is in sight :slight_smile:

MN: 4/67
Vela: 4/48
BK: 4/41
Ursl: 4/32
Viv: 4/19

Yeah…maybe a week or so…

  1. being f2p since last challenge event and stay with it. Last event(s) made me crazy, did about 6 10summons + eht/january, coins etc for no return this year (wanted vela and the Lady), got JF though, I like him a lot. Nearly all our payers stopped cause of no return and I think the system got more f2p friendly with all that coins etc. Have to say that not buying gems anymore brought back fun and some kind of relief for me (never was a heavy payer anyway).
  2. make a Voodoo doll for grimforest summons, since my family d keeps me in diamond easily with pixie and unemblemed ones, with Puss that will be my war d too.
  3. finish all valor quests, looking good so far.

Current raid d, Puss for pixie if my voodoo spell will work.

Current ones to level.

Current war d, we are tanking red for good results and have our rosters set to blue tanks we face most of the time (sitting on 3 kingston, 4 hansel, 3 peters etc, always happy to see blue tanks) Family bonus makes red hood jump from 3 to 4 mono tiles to die imo, a huge difference.

Valor path.

Best d at the moment since barbarian emblems are on 4 namahage+18 and gretel, have kage but hate his looks, destroying my beauty d. :grin:


Nice, took a look at your alliance, not much missing that we meet on the field in the future, Grüße aus Wien! :upside_down_face:


Thank you :slight_smile: last war we fielded 23 players, I think the amount of players in war is the only thing that prevents a match atm :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to meeting you at the field!
Grüße aus…dem Bergischen Land in NRW :slight_smile:

That’s another project: keep the alliance alive, motivated and growing :smiley:


We got a sister/training alliance too to fill up, 19 on warfield at the moment. I agree, keeping alliance alive is work, we’re international what makes it even harder to coordinate, but we found a way and things like war tactics, titans is in everyones dna now. We’re together now for more than half a year, 5 of us for over a year before we merged. Once valor is over I think about visiting dead leader alliances to recruit, seeing lonesome players in alliances with 10-20+ nonactive all the time. :thinking:


Those are some awesome heroes you’re getting maxed!!


BK 3.70
JF 3.70
ARIEL 3.70
All the mats are available in my inventory…but only 1 TOME!!!
I’m torn in 2, 3…maybe 4! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’d have to vote Ariel… but idk what you have or what you need.


No easy decision, but if you have Finley then JF for sure. I think these 2 are the most fearsome combo in the game for defense.


No Finley here :sweat_smile:…but Vela+18, soon +19…do you think they could synergize the same?

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Sure, but doesn’t vela water put out JF flames? :thinking::upside_down_face:

Thank you! My second set of 5* :slight_smile:

The first were Anzogh, Drake Fong, Lianna, Richard and Sartana. I’ve maxed my 4* first, so I had enough time to gather some awesome heroes :slight_smile: I still want Seshat, Ariel, maybe Gravy…

So @Yayo I’d also vote for Ariel :smiley:

@vanZille different DoT stack (water, fire, poison)
Edit: ugh sry, didn’t get the joke^^ it’s friday afternoon, time for weekend :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Excuse: it’s for the people that don’t know that and might misread *rofl


Ariel has a piece of my heart @Math4lyfe…I’m really, really torn…'cause BK is great, and he would add so much for my offense options! And…1 Tome…I have 1 damn Tome only… :tired_face:

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Roll a dice :slight_smile:


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