What niche Heroes you are fond of?

Personally I like Boomer. He was great for me vs Yellow titans when I first started out and I still place him between Sartana and Wu Kong keep them alive for as long as possible (with Khiona and Merlin on the other side).

There are others, like Domitia, that might be “better” but Boomer stands out for me. He was also my first Dark 4*, and also was my first dark 4* to 4T.

What about your favorites? Any missing?

Example of Niche Heroes

  • Agwe
  • Mok-Arr
  • Morgan La Fey
  • Danzaburo
  • Rumplestiltskin
  • Boomer
  • Inari
  • Domitia (maybe)
  • Aegir
  • Thorne
  • Lady Locke
  • Gobbler
  • Jabbar
  • Gadeirus
  • Master Lepus
  • Jack O’Hare
  • Captain Sargasso
  • Ameonna
  • Boss Wolf

edited to include examples, with help of @Duaneski and @Kerridoc

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I suspect most will jump on the Wu Kong bandwagon but mine is Proteus. I really cripples the enemy.

I dunno if Proteus is a niche, considering he is so darn useful for almost any enemy with a special.

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I’d say Natalya. I consider her niche for making Alby miserable.


You aren’t wrong about her. She’s got some nice stats, but she’s the hero you bring when you want to make one, very specific green hero miserable. Alby is slow anyway, and her mana slow makes him useless.

Fun fact— I think Natalya will also be very very nice vs Dec HOTM…


Definitely my super bunny, jack O Hare

Hits like a 5*, dies like a 3* :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh god yes. talk about my least favorite hero-set… those ■■■■ bunnies. :slight_smile:

How do you even use him?

The attack stat is higher than a lot of 5* heroes. He’s also fast and hits all heroes. Raw damage output is better than a number of 5* heroes really.

His tile damage is very useful as well… now… I had him as one of my first 4*, and before I had any 5*. He’s still my 3rd best green hero for sure. So that plays into this.

That said, I have Justice, I have Zimkitha, and jack hits harder than them (they’re both around 3/60 right now but still :stuck_out_tongue: )

So yeah his defense takes a hit. But on an offense team where I always take two healers. I can try to keep him alive.

As a bonus, when I run 3 greens in a raid team, I’ve got Jack, Alby, and Gregorian. Which is awesome because if the bunny dies I can try to resurrect him. And if he’s alive decent chance he gets regeneration from alby.

OH my favorite thing is hitting with Jack when Wu Kong is active. Just wrecks entire teams. I know that’s gotta be true with a lot of “hit all” heroes, but a lot of them are Slow mana, too, so it’s a bit harder to line up of course :slight_smile:

Edit: all of that said. Was making his defense debuff undispellable AND -25% really necessary? His defense and HP are both already low :stuck_out_tongue: ah heck. Either way, good offense raid hero despite this, unless you’ve got your cupboard filled with 5* :stuck_out_tongue:

Khagan, I love his buffs

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Put him next to Aeron for immunity? Only guessing, I don’t have Jack

I like the fable characters: Rumpelstiltskin, Red (Riding) Hood, Hansel and Gretel, etc.

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I’ll bet you love the pandas too :smile:

Not sure who all would be considered “niche”. Id put MokArr easily on that list, but I hate him.

I guess it would be Red Hood for her healing via minions and the immunity to mana effects they provide.

I love Alasie. Hits hard Fast mana. Lots of battles won by blue troops running into the wide open so I can spam her special attack

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I think Alaise is so versatile to call her a Niche is probably not accurate. She is awesome, I will agree.


Yes. MokArr is absolutely a niche.

RedHood is an excellent defender and great on offense.


Khagan is definitely becoming MORE of a niche as great, powerful new red 5* come out.

I am very,very fond of Boril. The guy was a game changer for me and still turns around lost battles into victories.

He works surprisingly well with Ares and Wilbur too :slight_smile:


Seems that a few folks on here dislike Boril or find him uninteresting. And yes, a Boril/Ares combo would be lethal. I JUST pulled Wilbur last S2 portal and am excited to try him… except for the fact I’m short on hidden blades and also pulled Mitsuko…

My favorite niche heroes would have to be:
Red Hood

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