What next hero should I climb?

Good afternoon my friends, I’m very happy to have finished my 4 * team and during the event I got 3 more heroes -ISARNIA - LANCELOTE - TIBURTUS

I have other heroes in the bank as well, I will leave the attached pictures, as I only have 01 compass now I wanted to opinion what would be the next hero to ascend.

I thought about Kashrek - to leave as tank for Defense team

Isarnia - for being 5 * with wonderful debuffs

Pictures attached to the ascension items.


You have BT as tank. I would go with either Caed or Mel on greens, either is fine. Blue I‘d personally go with Kiril first then Isarnia because 2 telescopes can take ages. That said I use Isarnia 3/70 on 10* titans and gotta say her debuff is great. Purple Tiburtus for sure.

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