What new constructions can you suggest in the game?

New updates with events and new heroes usually arrive every month, why not consider updating the base as well. What do you think ?

  • Constructions currently have a limit. Do you consider that the base could be expanded to another scenario?
  • Another issue is the titans, so far no changes have been seen to the traditional ones, because they don’t add new titans or perhaps give them a change in appearance.

They mentioned we would have new buildings this year. Dragons or something. Don’t know what that means for the game. They’ll post more about it when it becomes closer to a real thing.

I would love a construction that would alter the gameplay for us. Similar to the Sand event game play - imagine if we could toggle on and off, that Diamonds etc. would work in different ways, to spice things up a bit. I´d like to see more fun gameplay, where we have more variety (and not gameplay that´s just a hassle to do, like the Ninja curses etc.)

Or a construction where you can control that Dragon of yours, to go on scavenger hunts for you, and do a daily quest with it, where you send it off or control it. It could be a nest, where you get to ‘nurture’ and level your Dragon.

And once it´s all grown up…

:dragon: …Imagine that you are the Titan Dragon, fighting vs. a team of five heroes! :dragon:

But, ultimately, I really just wish SG would devote resources to fix already existing buildings, and focus on Quality of Life improvements there. Especially all the clicking the Alchemy Lab requires. I much rather see that made better :pray:


If only I could give you…

I love the Sandtower tile/shield effects! Agree that they either need to let you choose or make something like that more common, every other Event or something?


That picture. :smiley: :heart_eyes: :joy:


Not just me then!? Nice I am not alone - I found it so refreshing and forgot all about which event that provided that gameplay - now it´s finally here again soon. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: :diya_lamp: :partying_face:

Have fun :slight_smile:


We are in urgent need of an airport. Commuting takes forever, and traffic during rush hour is pure insanity. Who the hell thought two bridges would be enough?

Not to mention that wandering villagers are vehicular manslaughter waiting to happen.

Infrastructure must be the next priority or I’m voting for the other candidate.


Agreed, infrastructure is a joke and the city planning is mind boggling stupid. That is what you get when you elect this guy King! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


:rofl: Richard is what happens when people don’t vote. Next thing you know he’ll pretend he’ll build a wall paid by the Dark Lord.


Ability to convert a building into a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting hall.

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The Arcanum Transmoboblifier

  • Tier 1: - rejiggers metal-based battle items into iron (ratio depends on item rarity)
  • Tier 2: - recomboblifies potions into food (ratio again depends on item rarity)
  • Tier 3: - converts food into iron at a 2:1 ratio (or more)
  • Tier 4: - converts iron into to food at a 2:1 ratio (or more)
  • Tier 5: - fill up the Crunchifier with all manner of different battle items, troops, emblems, ascension items and more, and enjoy the shiny gems that get spat out after a few days of processing

Obviously build time is 21 days, and research time for each tier is 6 months. Because mobile game.

Don’t you just love English :joy:

This game is what? 4-5 years old? And still you guys don’t understand they won’t upgrade anything that won’t generate income.

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So it’s not necessarily directly related to generating income (per se), but the game does have early player retention problem that I’m uncertain how to solve.

I co-lead a training alliance for the Shops Family, and it is a difficult player market to capture, because low level players who need coaching have such limited awareness of the resources available to them. They get frustrated because they hit a wall in their advancement and they don’t have the game knowledge to get past it, so many of them give up on E&P entirely.

From personal experience, joining my first alliance was like a quantum leap in my own advancement, and the social bonds helped me stick with it when I was frustrated, too. So alliances are plugging the gap, but low level players are barely aware that they exist.

It would be really helpful for retaining those players if resources like alliances, the community forums, and the wiki could be pushed more during gameplay.

It’s more costs more to attract a new player than it does to retain one you’ve already got.

Thank you fot coming to my TEDtalk :rofl:

Kinda became word salad there at the end. That’s on me …it’s been sooo many hours since I slept :laughing::grin::neutral_face::hushed::upside_down_face:


If you could record it in 15 seconds with some breath fresheners, it would be TEKtalks tackles tech tips with Tictacs on Tiktok.

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I’m dying for new construction! I’ve been maxed out every where for a LONG time. Give me something to build, PLEASE!!!