What motivates you? Why keep playing?

This game has become quite boring and pointless. I have nearly 30 fully leveled 5* heros. Tons a 3/70 and i lost count of all my fully leveled 4*’s. No matter how many strong heros i get my win rate is capped at 60% overall. When my wins in raid or war get close to 25 or 30 straight the rng making boards makes sure i take at least 7-8 stright losses. I dont feel its luck i feel its programming. That being said loosing in any fashion is just getting boring. Why do people purchase heros or hope to get them? So they can win. After having an unimaginable bench i have decided that there is no longer a point in getting any new heros. I am simply staying on board because i have good line chats with my team. Now we have beyond max coming? Again pointless. I can easily take down a fully leveled beyond max 5* team with a fully leveled regular 4 * team. So no. I will not be spending the money on hero class tokens. Now were starting a raid arena where you can only use certain element heros and you cannot use heros of a certain star rate??? So sg thinks making a twist on wars forcing more bench depth will make people want to participate more in hero collections? Not sure what you M-O is but i am having a hard time continuing to support this game.

Can anyone else tell me reasons why you stay? If you say its for the heros, then you to will soon find out the new 5* heros make no difference and your hopes will eventually be for not as well.

At this current rate i see the life cycle of this game ending very quickly. Every aspect of this game now seems to be an exercise in futility. Theres no big boss to best and theres no overall goal to this game.

Can we get some sort of world map like in final fantasy back in the late 90’s when there was chaco breeding and you had free range of an entire map? I doubt it. Devs are too concerned with max profits for minimal code. I dunno. Give us some big adventure with a point as teams. I have spent enough on this game and i am eerily close to deleting both my beta and regular accounts. No feed back shall be given as usual from devs i assume. I wouldnt doubt if kerridoc or bard remove this as beta was mentioned. It would be nice to hear from staff and i honestly feel there is just no pooint or incentive to keep playing this game. No one likes loosing and no matter how strong my team gets the loss rate remains the same. Tell me im wrong but why keep leveling heros when strength does you no good? So the reward to this game is to get ridiculously strong and then simply keep getting your butt whooped as much as you did when you first started??? You have to admit that sounds horrible, but its the truth. Yeah that sounds kinda pointless right? Can anyone tell me what your reason for keeping in the game is beofre i pull out all together? Im just done with it. It has just become sooooooooo boring. And theres just no point as i can see anymore.

Im honestly not upset or griping. Just want to see if im missing something or if maybe by an act of god a dev could respond and address the bore factor of the game and give me hope before i pull out?

Anyways, what do you guys think?


The game is boring just cause there is nothing to beat.
I think if the devs gives us all time score as @Razor asked in another thread that I will link below, it will be great motivating … a target to aim for … some thing to keep charging the heavey guns to take over with new personal score.
But this only happen to players of the P2P/P2W category not to the C2P/F2P cause we still fighting to get to where you are standing stood.
Time will be long for us to get to your ground my friend.
But later we will all get bored cause will be nothing to aim for !
But waiting for new featurs to be add to the game, which toke 1 year from SGG and I think will take more from Zynga later.

So I request with all of the respect that should be given to @Petri and all the staff and devs … to pay attention to what this great game heading to.

Back on the very point of your thread, I my self, get motivated by breaking others scores that I can see on the leadboard of www.TitanMafia.com which is @Razor 's site … I beated once the winning strick of @MrsBCW with 201 wins in row, but some one has beaten me with 355 wins! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :exploding_head: :joy: and I aim to get back on top of that leadboard to be an idol to all the F2Ps who play this game.
Others of your category can aim to get on leadboard of heavey damaging the titans … or barging rights of having Num1 in many seasonal events maybe.
This is kinda what is very motivating for me … and I advice you to do same if you allowed me to give an advice or would take it any day.

@Razor thread:

Have a great day.


I keep staying because i’m incredibly stubborn.

I want to be the last man standing, proudly watching all the P2W players leave before me in spite of my poor bench of regulars.

And then i open a 2nd account and fight myself :face_with_monocle:


A second account and fight yourself??? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:.

I like your style. In beata all you have to do is delete the app and reinstall it and your old beta profile is still there and you can now fight yourself. It gets wuite confusing. But all i have to do is keep raiding myself and running to ensure i stay number one. But as for now i must go back to beta and defend my honor against commander jesus.


That too is a quite good reason to stay.


Be kind … and wait till 7th of Jan … Its Xmas in some countries !

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I hear you.
Loud and clear.

Getting and leveling up new 5* heroes is an absolute exercise in futility.

Adding a new hero to your def team helps - for exactly one day. After that, it is business as usual.

I woke up the other morning, looked at my cup losses overnight, and thought: “If I have to spend time just one more morning to win back the cups that I lost overnight, I am going to quit this entire absolutely pointless game! I am sick and tired of this silly exercise in futility!”

Well, I have not quit yet. Just taking a break. Doing titan and farming away my world energy on autoplay.

The only thing that is keeping me are the nice people in my alliance. But I do not know how long.

Did some raiding again today. Not because I enjoyed it, but because I was knocked down to a ridiculous cup level within the last few days, and that annoyed me.

I used to love raiding. Not today.

Get Mother North, they said. She will help your def team, they said. I call BS.

I hear you, @Tpenn. Loud and clear.

After a while, this game becomes an absolute exercise in futility.
(Been playing since August 2017, currently 4104 team power)


I don’t think the life cycle of the game is ending quickly. I think the life cycle of certain players in the game is coming to a close. I stay for the social aspect of the game. Yes, I like the challenge of top 10 AW. I like helping new players avoid making the same mistakes I made starting out.

I think the changes in the upcoming year will add a new dimension to the game along with the associated problems. It will be interesting to see how they are handled.


@AnjaValkyrie im glad to hear im not alone. I thought surrounding guinivere with two fully leveled kageburados would help. Well nope! How bout guin with two graves and two kages??? Again… nope! I can take the one spot IF i have enough food to keep lookingfor the top ten players once i break into top ten but they stay on a d just keep rolling the dice so they cant be hit. So now raiding is a joke. Base defense is a joke as there is no defense that can survive.

So i add mother north and santa claus and spend a grand in december. Then in war today i attacked with 5 different teams over 4000 power on teams at 3800 level. I didnt get a single hero mana charged before i was killed. This happens off and on. The point is this. Why level heros when there is honestly no point. There is no point to this game what so ever and i am done. Like you i love my team but as for sg. My money will flow NO more. I hope this game goes under. I cant believe i was sucked into it.


I have experienced the same, lately.
I have not quite spent that amount, but I agree that adding a new hero to the def team is absolutely futile.

Oh, and, for some reason, it took me 6 flags and 2 refills today to gain a measly 200 cups. Duh? And yes, of course, I always go for good cups. This was just very annoying. May be a streak of bad luck. But why bother?

Oh, I agree with @Otto0000
The game will not die.
There will be enough “young” players who are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and who will gladly spend the time, effort and money which we are no longer willing to invest.

Until they, too, come to the point where we are now.

And make room for the next generation …

Actually, it may be quite pleasant for them now when the critical voices die out. :wink: Until, of course, they get to where we are now, and they themselves become the critical voices :wink:

It’s the circle of life, the wheel of fortune…

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@Otto0000 the coming changes? Are you not in beta? The beyond max heros are quite expensive and when you have fully maxed, beyond max, your current 5 star team i can come in with a fully max 4 star team with no beyond max leveling and crush your beyond max 5star team 2 times out of 3. Imho a 4 * should never even be able to touch a 5* team. PERIOD! That is how you motivate people to get and pay for 5* heros and if sg will not listen and actually make a 5* worth having then i will no longer spend the money. The upcoming changes do nothing to motivate me. Heck beta is still running with beyond max right now and i am quite honestly just bored to death with it all. The devs wont even listen to our gripes in beta if we arent part of an elite few they feel matter.


Dear, I am not in beta.
But I am definitely not willing to throw good money after bad, to level my maxed 5* heroes even higher.
For what purpose exactly? So I will not end up as an also-ran in a mobile phone game?
Naaaw, not worth the trouble or expense.

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So much negativity in here. I suggest a break for all of you!

On topic - I play to kill the time. The game is simple enough that I can be destructed and still play. It doesn’t demand your attention.


Not negativity.

You will get there …

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May the dev team read this and spend some time to bind longterm players by adding new challanges for those who spend tons of bucks, time and hope…

Perhaps season 3 or a new war mode, some kind of roaster based ranking or or or…

Luck will always be part of the game.
Otherwise none of the non investing players would be able to have a chance.
It is pay2win, but fortunately one can’t buy 1st place.

Possibly it becomes boring if all buildings are leveled up and only raids and wars are the goal.
But who cares, it’s only a game - life will go on with and without it :wink:


Love the game and i will still carry on enjoing it ,
Wath keeps me going?!
-love my alliance and other comunitys i m in touch on discord and line ,
-sharing my knowllege to other new players supplyng guidance and intel
-preparing war
-aiming for the top 10 in events , requires alot of preps ( battle items)
-higher hits in Titan ( there is always competion who does the highes power hit)curently holding 125k in 1 hit,
Off topic abit , i found alot of ppl complaining usualy after they have spent a certan amount of money , basicly expresing the frustration on the forum,( or spreding the bad vibe to the comunity)
How i call it , The way i see it is simple , dont like waisting money , don t do it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:,



Oh, not only the money but also the time and effort.

To achieve exactly what?

“It takes all the running you can do, just to stay in the same place” has never been my idea of fun or entertainment.

This game WAS nice for having a fun time but it has been getting exceedingly tedious lately.

Well, I suppose 18 months is long enough for the novelty to wear off. The honeymoon is over …


The only thing that will save this game and give it a long life is to give the alliances something to work on as a freaking alliance. Like a world map where everyone can explore different leveles at the same time and call other members to go help with levels that are hard. Something where two or more members can be in a fight at the same time.

Let me tell you guys this. Ive been in beta for a while. We had a good system set to trade materials and heros that would impact the devs very little. Heck i even had them sold on a training arena (so i thought)where alliance members can fight each other for fun in an attempt to test defenses, war strategies etc. (think of the alliance bonds that would have been built which relates directly to ep loyalty) I was considering it a done deal. Then they released their new yesrs promo with the alchemy lab. The alchemy lab was discussed in length and it was a compromise. But the raid arena which had so much hope was turned into a raid challenge where the colors and levels of heros you can use are limited. And on top of that its a system for all players not just for a team to build its own strategies and work on friendship and bonds. Sg turned it into a money making scheme. Theres a reason im beyond furious. Every single attempt that has been made to make this game a long living work has been turned to garbage by greed. The coders and developers i feel are beyond hope. Give us a game where teams can work as teams not just in war.

They will not listen and they refuse to do anything that doesnt sound like a quick buck. Im just tired. Thanks for the silence ep staff in advance. I tried making a diffference and all you get from the employees of sg is…


I also agree with every single point of view being exoressed so far. Time off is needed on my part as well. This game has just lost its alure. Honemoon is definitely over. My alliance top members are all with me. I think we are all about ready to leave. This gsme is just simply boring anymore.

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Oh no!
I would have LOVED a training arena where you can do practice raids with your ally mates!

And this raid challenge stuff does not sound appealing at all.

Ah well, no skin off my back.
I know the signs from my last game “Won’t bother with A, won’t bother with B, will not be caught dead paying the ridiculous price for C” and so on.

I suppose that there will be players who enjoy those novelties. They are welcome to it. :blush:

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