What means the red "flashing" sword? (Above the health bar)

Hi, maybe anyone here can explain, what this means.

I know, there seems to be three kinds of enemy attacks:

A.) The “countdown” timer under the sword. This attack is not random.

B.) The special Attack, triggered by a full Mana bar.

C.) The “red sword” - attack. Seems random to me. But maybe not and if not, how does it “works”?


The number on the sword means how many turns the enemy has before they hit, this does not affect the mana generation. The red sword the then countdown is the same thing.

When the mana bar is full the enemy uses the special attack which is more lethal

Hopefully this helped


Sadly that was not helping. Like you can see, that:

already my “A.)” is and that’s already answered by myself.

This is my "B.) and already answered by myself.

This 2 Points are clear! The third point, that is unclear and sadly also not answered by you :wink:

Like you see in the topic, sometimes the sword begins to flash. After that, the enemy attacks, even the number (under the sword) not turned to 1 or the mana bar is full.

Don’t think, that it is also a countdown or the same. Then they could spare one of it.

The red sword just shows that the enemy will attack in the next round. The sword is only red and blinking, when there is either a “1” or a “S” … there is nothing random about it.


I never saw or noticed a “S” there. And I’m pretty sure, that they also attacked without a burning sword.
But pretty sure doesn’t mean I know it… I’ll keeo my eyes open tonight :wink:

The “S” means “special attack”.


Ah…okay. Just saw it, but only because you told me. Without knowing it, I never could say that there are also letters :wink:

Meaning normal attack

@Vincent_the_King you do have a habit of reviving years old topic :sweat_smile:


Yes of course! Yelnats 24!

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