What makes you want to join a particular alliance?

What a great question!

As a leader, having clear expectations that are followed by all is a huge plus.
Specific heroes or number of maxed heroes?
What are the titan requirements?
War expectations?
… and what are the consequences?
I try to always make these known upfront so the person seeking membership knows what to expect and isn’t surprised by any actions that may come if they fall short.

As far as finding members… being active on the forum so your alliance name gets some publicity is always a good start. If you raid someone from the forum, post a screenshot or mention it here. Post an ad in the Recruitment Section and be sure to keep it updated.

Keeping members… have fun! it is a game, never lose sight of that. Interalliance challenges are great ways to keep things fresh and fun. Be fair and consistent, but always balance it with understanding. It’ll be tough at times, but it’ll be worth it.

Good luck!