What makes you want to join a particular alliance?

I am the leader of an alliance that is a stalemate in getting our alliance member roster full. Some of the things we are running into currently are we aren’t able to move the bar as far as getting bigger titans, we also have mercs coming in and essentially stealing titans. I figured the only way to fix the 2nd issue is to fill our roster up so that there wont be any spots open for mercs to come and go as they please. So my question is what would make you want to join a particular alliance or walk away from it? I feel we have a good variety of team strengths, trophies are anywhere from 1000- 2500, we are pretty laid back but we do expect participation in titans and wars…I am on 3 different FB recruitment pages…can someone please tell me what else I should be doing…please?

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How many spots are you missing? Usually merges work really well. Just keep putting in time in game chat someone Is usually down.

Honestly, my advice is have rules and follow them!!! So, if you want a “half serious” alliance make the rules accordingly and enforce them. Most leaders are afraid to kick someone cause they are down members but you have too create that serious image. So, rules1. Must hit titans daily2. Must use 6 war flags if opted in to war. 3. Level requirements etc. Lots of threads on how to run an alliance… casual leaders don’t do well… nice guy finishes lasts especially here ( it’s the truth)


Currently we have 11 spots open. We are definitely up for taking in a smaller alliance. I will continue to search. Thank you for your quick response.

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Thank you! I appreciate your advice.

Hey bud, do you use Line App or Discord? It’s a must so that your group stays social- plus posting her on forumns regularly and getting known on Line or Discord helps your recruiting ten fold.

We just seem to fill up. We have a lot of active players and maybe that is something people are looking at when the alliances they are in start to go awry.

We all have a funny name which might catch eyes.

We aren’t big cheeses either…ranked 12347 right now :joy: But for a casual player we seem pretty perfect and we are rarely not full tbh

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Not trying to be bossy and tell you what to do… just trying to help. So, I’ll ask this- if I joined your alliance and scrolled up the chat- would I find much interaction between players or would I see more “titan defeated” with only 20/30 people hitting, “war ended” 11/20 participated… the more social- the more busy your alliance will be… recruit daily players

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I haven’t moved alliances in a year so I can’t remember what people see. Do they just see the members of it and the cups they have?? They can click on each member and see how active they are as well yeah???

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Because of a lot who join us are just after a more active alliance. The one they were in has died a bit and they jump ship and don’t want to jump into something too serious or something just as dead I guess???

When I’m looking for an alliance these are the things I look for:

  1. strong, fair, active leadership
  2. clearly defined rules and policies and leadership prepared to do the hard work to enforce them
  3. friendly, chatty, mature, active members
  4. a few knowledgeable players willing to offer advice

These are just my own personal requirements. I suggest you make a list for yourself as to what you would look for in an alliance and then tailor your message to recruit like-minded players. It’s important that you develop your alliance with your own core values, since you’ll quickly drive yourself crazy if you are trying to constantly adapt your alliance to suit individual member’s own requirements- which may be very different than your own.

Don’t be discouraged by how long it may take. Good luck!


The alliance should be

  • famous
  • high ranked
  • seem to fit your needs

and/or has sth familiar to you like sth funny in its name or your region, your hometown, your state, country, hobby or familiar players/people etc.

Everything else cannot be seen or only estimated before joining.

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I was a leader of alliance until recently with around the same cup range. I found the best recruitment came from the reddit weekly recruitment thread. They put a new post up every monday around noon. Have about a 1000 cup limit to weed out all of the new players who join and are not active. We would usually get a few new members a week when open. Alot were on the lower end of the cup range but usually very active and grew with the alliance. I never had any luck with FB. https://www.reddit.com/r/EmpiresAndPuzzles/comments/gm5ihs/weekly_rempiresandpuzzles_alliance_recruitment/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

Famous and high ranked lol. Yeah, just give them your “list of demands” before you join and you should be set.

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Good to know. I have been hearing alot about those apps, just wasnt sure about them or if they would help

I dont think you were being bossy, you were being honest. We are a social group about the game usually. There is more of that than the system notes. I, along with my alliance, feel we lost this war due to a couple of our members not attacking. We demoted one and called the other out, and he left. I do appreciate the advice you have given me so far.

Please feel free to come see. Our alliance is JavaMonsters. I am open to any suggestions

I am from asia and i joined a croatian guild. I have no answer why but I have been here for 3 years plus. Its my first guild until now. I’ve made lots of friends. We even have a whatsapp group to share tips and info. Everyone in the guild is very helpful. The guild has now become multi-national hahaha.

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I joined my first alliance when I was around a level 25 player. I looked around for an alliance where most of the other members were around the same level as me and had no dead or dying accounts. You never know how well you’ll get along with the other players until after joining, so those were the two things I looked for initially.

I stayed as long as I did because of the wonderful people on that team and the entertaining chats that I miss. However, my first alliance was a casual-play team with few expectations and I yearned for a more competitive team with clear, but flexible expectations and rule enforcement, so I made the switch. When looking at recruitment postings, I also noted how frequently vacancies opened. I once worked at a place where 50% of the staff turned over within 3 months, and there was good reason why. Turnover is expected, but if there’s too much, it raises a red flag.

Nice people who are active and actually speak. I want my teammates to use all their flags in wars. I want them to regularly hit titans (not miss two in a row unless real life creates extenuating circumstance) because, let’s face it, hitting a titan even once takes 2 minutes of your life, not a massive sacrifice. I also want to just hear people talk about their lives and strategy and how things are going. Especially with this pandemic crap going on it’s good to know that people are okay, how their businesses, families, etc are going. For most of us E&P is a distraction from the stresses of day-to-day life. If people don’t talk, there is no community and the alliance because interchangeable.

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