What makes drake fong so good?


why it was impossible to make Drake Fongs ulta “This efter cant be dispelled”,??it would be more fun to use him,


At the moment Drake is a pure OP Killer. Forget Guin as tank, take Powerdrake


What about Drake vs Leonidas? I have got both and I dont know wich one to ascend first.
Thanks in advanced


Ascend Drake before Leo.


Drake does seem to be better…


Drake Lee > Leonidas

They both are not the best tanks but Drake Lee buff yellow ATK & DEF for titans and is a better flanker.


Yes I agree with you, I have also grave and Drake and I am very satisfied about both heroes. They are very strong especially when you level them up.


Would you say drake over Delilah for tank? I already have alberich flanking


Well, I realy don’t know. Delilah is a very good hero, I don’t have her but I hear very good things from others in my alliance who have her in the team. To change delilah in Drake? I don’t Know if I would do that. So its your own choice which one you like in your team. By the way: alberich is a very very fine hero:wink:


Thanks! I do see delilah in a lot of top teams… I might try to use both
Ex: drake. Sartana. Delilah.


I recently started using Drake for Titan hits and raids. He’s at 2/50 right now. I pair him with 4/80 Musashi, 4/20 Joon, 3/70 Vivica and 4/70 Wu. I normally have 3/70 Leonidas there but wanted to try drake. I immediately noticed a difference with Titan damage. On a purple Titan I normally average 20-30k in damage. I averaged an additional 10k on each hit with drake. The fast mana of Musashi, drake and Joon work really well in raids too. I wasn’t too impressed with Drake initially but like Gravemaker, can be a difference maker.


So if we believe tile damage is king on titans - I doubt that 2/50 Drake has the same tile damage, or better, than 3/70 Leo. With Wu in there, could just be 3 lucky tiles more per hit. I believe the damage increase happened, just think over time it would likely be less given the lesser tile damage overall.

I think he shines best in raids from what I have seen - which you hit spot on.


Great reading. Thanks guys. I am going to start my Drake soon.

I have Joon and Wu maxed, Chao and Gretal at 60.

Looking forward to using Drake!


I think the increase is the elemental link stacked with Wu. I have Gravemaker with Boldtusk and Alasie with Kiril. The fast mana and elemental link is definitely worth it. Need to power level him up to 3/70 quickly


Fair enough - I could see that influencing it.


Am I the only one that thinks the Elemental Link is not really worth much? I mean it’s 5%. If it were 5% for each hero of that color (which I don’t believe it is)…it would still only max out at 25%. What’s the big deal with it?


It’s an extra for all new hotm

Who cares


It’s 5% for all heros of like colors


If we want to compare ATK and DEF in grades you can say that, on top of the damage (or heal) they deals, (to me) Elemental Link same color hero’s tiles and stamina of by one (or only by half) grade:

Ex. Gravemaker is “A worthy” on both tiles and stamina once the special is actived.
763 ATK (-4 points compared to Scarlett’s monstrous ATK score)
743 DEF (+31 points compared to Marjana’s okish DEF score)

And a important part is that you can’t dispell that bonus and with 6 turns of duration you will be likely able to refresh it pretty often with the speed of some heroes. Maybe the bonus isn’t that great but it can prevent you from being killed even if by few HP points :slight_smile:


One thing I dont think people consider mucj is that the computer controls your defense team. Which is why heroes like Natalya or say…Chao…aren’t as good as you would think om defense. You need to be strategic with who you use their special on and when. The computer does none of that.

Also heroes with splash damage like Grimm. The computer may make him hit on the edge and only hit 2 heroes instead of 3.

This is why I love Drake. He hits 3 heroes, and with the same power. It doesn’t leave nearly as much for the computer to ■■■■ up.