What makes drake fong so good?


why it was impossible to make Drake Fongs ulta “This efter cant be dispelled”,??it would be more fun to use him,


At the moment Drake is a pure OP Killer. Forget Guin as tank, take Powerdrake


What about Drake vs Leonidas? I have got both and I dont know wich one to ascend first.
Thanks in advanced


Ascend Drake before Leo.


Drake does seem to be better…


Drake Lee > Leonidas

They both are not the best tanks but Drake Lee buff yellow ATK & DEF for titans and is a better flanker.


Yes I agree with you, I have also grave and Drake and I am very satisfied about both heroes. They are very strong especially when you level them up.


Would you say drake over Delilah for tank? I already have alberich flanking


Well, I realy don’t know. Delilah is a very good hero, I don’t have her but I hear very good things from others in my alliance who have her in the team. To change delilah in Drake? I don’t Know if I would do that. So its your own choice which one you like in your team. By the way: alberich is a very very fine hero:wink:


Thanks! I do see delilah in a lot of top teams… I might try to use both
Ex: drake. Sartana. Delilah.