What looks better?

My girls team. She just got rings and she doesn’t know what team would be better. Once emblems, C Elena would be at 18 too.

IMO, swap Elena with WR, because:

  1. WR is holy and near by dark means advantadge to color tiles from attacker
  2. chance if charged, skill cast from left to right, so WR def down better in the left flank

Other option Kage at left flank and WR at left wing, Kage need as soon as cast as possible to have the full potential damage at 1st.

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I justed wanted to know if she should keep captain or switch out to Elena when she’s done.

You can try for a while… and see the results…
Capt Castreal on right wing/flank is best rogue defense as I know, I have sometimes problem if he evade.
Elena will shine on war defense at rush rule and also tournament.

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