What line up should I run?

Newer to the game wondering what my best line up would be in your opinions.

Thanks in advance

A team of good 4* covering each element is a good place to start and you have some tasty choices

A suggestion would be

Red - Lancelot - damage and buff
Purple - Tibertus - defence Debuff
Blue - Kiril - heal and buff
Green - Little John - damage and mana control

You could swap Kiril/Tibertus for Sabina/Grimm but most people rate Kiril

Or Lancelot for Gormek.

But one defence debuffer (gormek/Grimm/Tibertus) is important.

Yellow is tricky because no one rates Hu very highly so perhaps Drake would be best even if you can’t ascend him all the way yet

And if you fancy a training alliance, our new venture is Guardians Ascending.

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Thanks appreciate the feedback!

So even though I have more powerful 5s I should stick to a mostly 4 team?

Why Little John instead of Caedmon?

I would without doubt ascend Caedmon first, so that it will give him the possibility to snipe + remove buffs from his opponent. I think that’s more useful than the AOE damage and mana control of Little John for a general purpose team.

As for the rest, 100% agreed. :slight_smile:


continue with Gregorion and don’t give up on Startana - both are great snipers

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Thanks I agree I’ve gone with him over LJ. Little Johns slow speed was the deciding factor.

I like Caedmon, but Little John causes me more problems with raiding if he goes off.

If I had a choice to kill off one or the other, all things being equal, I would throw tiles at Little John.

Both can be effective and no doubt the de-speller is a very good effect, it’s not like Wu Vs Hu Tao where one is clearly superior.


I agree, defensive perspective roll with LJ. Although offensively he drives me nuts, and I’d prefer Caedmon, fast speed as well as choosing when to fire his dispel. Both have thier roles.

Makes sense I’ll go with Caedmon for now but will for sure start leveling LJ up aswell to throw in the mix down the road