What levels to farm to run 1 uncommon camp 24 hours every day

Title says it all

Any levels that consistently give a good amount of backpacks per energy so that I am able to run 1 uncommon camp every day non stop

I like to use Season 2 Stage 1-2 or 1-3 (I 97% of the time get at least 2 or more backpacks) it does cost 6 energy a run however, but i find it is worth it…others might advise to go at Season 1 5-8 though, I don’t really have much luck there.



Ouside AR I do S2 1-8 ain’t found a season 3 stage as yet hook me up…

You will need to have 1400 backpacks for a month.


At Atlantis Rise it is S2-1-2 Normal.
Outside Atlantise Rise it is S2:1-8H (Also S2:1-ALL/H).
Based on Barry Farmz Data.

But currently I’m at 50-ish days TC2, so… I just farm S2-1-1N for xp per minutes during AR, and outside AR I plan to farm S1-17-1 or S3-1-3H or S2-1-1N. But I still farm S1-7-4 if monster chest is not filled and lack of WE.


It’s usually S2.1/8 Hard for me especially during AR


I have 6 days worth of training going right now, thanks to that AR event that just ended…

Just did 2 runs, got 2 on the first 3 on second

Does rhat sound about right? Seems kinda low for 10 energy

If you build Alchemy lab 3a you can get a backpack every 3 hours to supplement AR


IMO, it depend, if only focus on Backpack that is the best resource outside AR.
But for me, I did not do that, before focus on XP, I just farm S1-8-7, S1-5-8 and or S1-7-4 all for recruits, nugget and monster count.
And I keep all Flask and Tickets, only used for AR, and sometimes with gems WE refill on AR.
Then, yes I also run Alchemy Lab 3A as mentioned by @Jdogg .

And I did this to make TC2 non stop 24 hours, because of many Flask used on AR, that’s it. What I did was S2-15-9N for recruits with Tickets, then S2-1-2N auto farm. But now during AR I farm S2-27-9H with tickets and S2-1-1N auto farm.



However, what most people forget to advise is that you will eventually hit a point where you have a lot of adventurer-kits in inventory but need more recruits.

So you want to create a cycle shifting farming between the above levels (normal or hard) for adventure-kits and S2 15-9N or 15-8H for recruits to balance it out.


It’s weird though… I’ve been playing this game for about a year n half now. The entire time, I have farmed season 1. 8-2, and I have had my training grounds (4 of them - 3x TC11, 1 tc20) running constantly, non-stop, since I was able to build em, and this is the first time I have ever run out of adventure packs…

It almost seems like the drop rate has gone down on them all of a sudden. Two days ago I went to top up my daily trainers, and was met with ‘0 Adventure Packs’. You’d think if I was going to run out of the, I would have done so at some point in the past year.

Just so we are clear that this isn’t just a ‘me’ problem… when I mentioned it in alliance chat today, I had 7-8 others agree that ‘all of a sudden’ they are out of adventure kits.

TC 11 doesnt use backpacks.

Could be at some point you changed one to TC 2 and didnt realize it and are now out of backpacks.

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I meant my TC’s are at level 11, but I have been building the levels (I think like 5-9, where you create single color heroes, commons-uncommons, in an hour). Uses 1 Ad Pack if I remember correctly. They have been going fine for a year and a half. I was talking to some of my alliance members after I posted here, and they even agree, it was about a month ago they started noticing a change, and being short on Ad Packs all of a sudden.

Yes, 5-9 use backpack and sword.
Here is the table info analyst.

To create 24 hours TC2 running is save WE Flask, only use for Atlantis Rise, that’s the most simple and eficience way.

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