What levels do you use for Alchemy Lab?

I’ve read many guides & suggestions on which levels are the most efficient way to farm alkashards?

I’m currently farming 5B, 6B & 7B.

What levels do you farm?


I run these constantly:

8 > Rare Crafting Material
12 > Rare Ascension Material
14 > Epic Crafting Material

Until the 100-day limit was put in, I had been using these three levels to store food, essentially. I have enough materials available to keep them running indefinitely.

They also give me 1000 shards in just over 5 days, so I’m getting results from that approx. 6 times per month. I think I’ve only gotten one 4* ascension material from it so far, but aside from that it provides a steady stream of extra emblems, which is helpful.

Good gaming!


Using Fizbans numbering, I am running 5, 14, and 19 constantly.

5 (or 3a) for backpacks, so make sure I’m using at least 1 of each other 1* material in the recipe

14 (or 7b) hoping for Nugs or Bones, I don’t use the green things much

19 (or 10a) for the low chance of a 4* material from either the recipe or the shards

Seem to get 3 shard rolls every fortnight or thereabouts and can run this without buying gems, just use free gems from gameplay


I run 5, 19 & 20

Gem cost is annoying but it’s pretty cheap and sustainable seeing as I’ve all but stopped summoning.

Nets me approx 2.5 - 3k shards per week.


I actually use the Alchemy lab mainly to get rid of excessive useless materials or swich for those i use the most.
Alkashard are a nice plus, but the real goal is item management to try stay a bit competitive in all the things without spending.

In that, Alchemy is useful.


Alchemy lab needs something for transmuting Titan parts. Mythical titans are a massive drain on certain resources. Some Titan parts are harder to get than a 4* mat.

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Agree with transmuting Titan parts so many hearts but no skulls.

Do you need AL at a certain lvl to run 3 recipes at once? I researched 3 recipes but can’t run them all at once.

@Wolfjack, Alchemy Lab needs to be upgraded to Level 10 to run 3 transmutations simultaneously (you don’t have to research the last 2 recipes, just upgrade the building)

Believe level 5 to run 2 simultaneously.

I did the math and found that the time to level and research past 5 takes months to payback in alkashard production.

So I went to 5 and use the two at level 4 because I have plenty of the items

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1A, 2A and 3B

Makes ingredients for mini-mana, mini-mana themselves and backpacks.

All things I need.

I may turn 3B into one of the 10’s for more Alkashards at some point

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I was afraid of that answer have lvl 5 right now running 4b and 5b. I know it’ll be quite the timesink to upgrade all the way to lvl 10 at 500 shards now might wait to at least do my 1st combine.

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I got mine to 5 and made 1000…then realised it was just worth it to press on to lvl 10. Overtime running 3 is way more efficient so the sooner you do it the quicker it’s paying you back


I currently run 3a for backpacks, 7a (upgrade 4* crafting mats), and 9a (convert 4* crafting mats). With this I can combine shards about every 5.25 days.

However, I am going to switch 3a for 10a with this justification: I usually purchase the emblem packs in the shop (30 emblems for 175 gems). 10a is a much more efficient use of gems; essentially 30 emblems for 100 gems, plus two chances for 4* ascension mats (one from 10a and the other from the combine). I’ll have just under 2 combines per week.

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