What level can a barracks get to

What’s the highest level for a barracks and 4* troops. Probably been asked and a listed or a link but pls inform

10 level of stronghold

I know you need a SH10 to create a barracks but what’s the highest level a barracks can be built to and highest level of a 4* troop able to get to?

Maximum barracks level is 10.
Maximum 4* troop level is 30.
Maximum 3* troop level is 20.
Maximum 2* troop level is 15.
3* and 2* troops are used in the easier stages of challenge events, so it’s worth hanging onto and levelling a few of these in each color.
Maximum 1* troop level is 10, though I can’t see any use for levelling these at present.


Thanks , I’ve kept 2 of each 2* 3* and 4* for the events . I was just curious on how far I can level up

It’s better to keep 3-4 for 2* and 3*

Even for 4* for titans. 2 are not enough