What language allows cursing in alliance chat

I know cursing works in some alliances, i just to figure out how to get it work

I was in an alliance for a short while that spoke english but had their language set to Italian. The chat didnt filter curse words at all.

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Yeah one of them works…ours is set to some weird one.

Though some words appear universal :joy:

And you can’t use the US shorthand for Richard.

But you can use his emoji and put “head” after it…

Yeah just set it to a foreign language then curse away.

20 Richard heads

I tried that it doesn’t work

we use Italian, everything’s gone through so far :smiling_imp:

We use German with no problem, except for our German speaking players :grin:

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I have tried every language possible, none work

Just tried a random asian language and for some odd reason that works

We have ours set on norsk. Curse away

Asian languages (japanese, korean) work because there are no similarities in the words. Set to japanese and have a good f’n time!

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I like the history of Asian languages.

I find cursing in them more effective than using a runic language.

My go to curses are

May the defense A.I. be smarter than you

May the server disconnect during your latest Ninja Tower level

May you oversleep during the weekend alliance war.


I know there is some old sci fi/ fantasy author that invented a sport where the team shaman/ witch doctor/ wizard tries to curse the opponent team. They get points for creativity of the curse. But due to the explosion of sci fi/ fantasy sports ( looking at you Quidditch ) I cannot find a reference through Google.

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@Gryphonknight May the portal odds be 100% accurate for all your pulls :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I believe my original alliance switched to Swedish or something? But then it started censoring ordinary non offensive words.

Personally, I do curse a bit when I’m upset, but I have no problem with the words being censored, as long as it gets the intended point across. :slightly_smiling_face:

Original alliance just had a particularly foul mouthed co leader who wasn’t happy if she wasn’t able to see all of her four letter words in all of their uncensored glory. :roll_eyes: :laughing: Whatever floats your boat, I guess. I’m perfectly fine with saying @#$% it and leaving it at that, because you all know what I mean. No need to actually type out the scary offensive letters. :grin:


So we have always changed our alliance language to a foreign language and been allowed to curse in English. This recently changed. Now we are edited in every language. Anyone else notice this change?

Works fine in my alliance

Weird. I wonder what happened. We have tried about 50 languages.

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